Nosy Neighbor III [Thy shall not put leaflets on my car]

This is the third part in my ongoing series about being a nosy neighbor. My curiosity peaked again Easter Sunday when the cars in the West End were all graced with the Ten Commandments.  As families came out of their homes to greet their guests or to head to others they picked up the piece of paper and read it or tossed it in the garbage or like I did bought it in the house.

You may find a copy flying about in other parts of the City as it’s quite windy today.

So I’m curious as to who would go to all the trouble and expense of printing let’s say over 300 pieces of paper and get them under everyone’s windshield before sunrise yesterday.

Was it a mission?  Was it a group of people or just an individual?

If the mission was to open up dialogue, he/she/they succeeded.  Our dinner conversation included a heated debate on the order of the Commandments to whether God is jealous and what one can or cannot covet.

 Easter Dinner 2012


Jack: Murder isn’t Number 6 it’s Number 5.

Jill:  You’re wrong. Thou shall not steal is 6 and what the hell is a manservant? (The paper makes its way around the table)


Aunt Mary:  There are different versions of the Commandments.

Uncle Patrick:  Yeah, remember when Mel Brooks dropped a whole concrete block, there’s supposed to be 15! (Uncle Patrick swigs from his libation)

Jack: You’re an ass, Patrick.

Uncle Patrick:  Well according to that (He waves his libation at the paper being passed and read by the “adults” at the table) you shouldn’t covet my ass! Pass the stuffed mushrooms.


(From the den giggles are heard from children as the word ass gets tossed about. They’re in for a rude awakening later in the dinner when language becomes more colorful than the eggs.)


Sarah:  You’re both right and wrong. There are varying differences between the Catholic and Judaism versions.


Uncle Patrick:  They teach you that stuff at that liberal college of yours?

Brian:  She Googled it.


(From the kitchen)

Grandma:  Dinner’s ready!

(A hush fills the room as children run to the table and everyone finds their seat with a name centered on their Martha Stewart plates against the backdrop of a Spring tablescape the Food Channel would be proud of.)

Grandma:  Who wants to say Grace?

Douglas:  (eagerly raising his hand as 5 year olds do) Me! Me!

God bless us all and grandma’s carrot soufflé and that we have Peace in the World. Amen.

All:  Amen.

(Food gets passed around, laughter ensues Uncle Patrick goes to take a nap and watch The Masters)


Thanks to the person or persons for an interesting and enlightening dinner conversation.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter or Passover or both!



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