Will the Town of Hempstead Finally Join the Rest of Long Island? [Complete Streets]

The other day I did an article about bike lanes on Park Avenue in Long Beach where I briefly mentioned the Complete Streets-concept (read –Are Bike Lanes on Park Avenue even possible?). I was originally going to write more, especially on how every Long Island township, with the exception of the Town of Hempstead (TOH) were on board with Complete Streets. Newsday is reporting that the TOH are making steps to finally make it happen:

“The Hempstead Town board is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a policy that would consider safety and convenient access for all users of town roads — including people in cars, on foot, on bicycles and on buses — in the design, construction and revamping of town streets. The towns of North HempsteadBabylonIslipBrookhaven and Southampton already have adopted similar policies. (Source – Hempstead to vote on road design policy)

Of course people who left comments for that article have no [insert bad curse word] clue. This does not mean that every single street will be retrofitted into a Complete Street over night. It simply means that when it’s time to redesign/renovate a road, Complete Streets will be considered.


Yeah, because white paint is soooooooooo expensive.

Get a life. Safer streets are a priority as far as I’m concerned.

(sorry, just cranky)

Why does this matter to us in Long Beach since we’re not in the Town of Hempstead? Well, all of our neighboring towns (Atlantic Beach, Oceanside, Island Park, Harbor Island, Barnum Island, Lido Beach and Point Lookout) are. Austin Blvd in Island Park, which is especially dangerous for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, is apparently undergoing a traffic study. Let’s hope they make it a safer road and not just pour new blacktop. (read – A Safer Austin Boulevard?)

I think we all pretty much agree how bicycling on Lido Blvd in Lido Beach should be safer. The current design, even with those new medians, actually makes me drive my car faster. That road would have benefited tremendously with Complete Streets. As of now, the only safe way to ride your bike there is on the sidewalk which is against the law.

Like that Newsday article says: Long Island in general is home to most of the dangerous roads in the region and the Town of Hempstead is not excluded from that.”

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3 thoughts on “Will the Town of Hempstead Finally Join the Rest of Long Island? [Complete Streets]”

  1. i thought that lido blvd was a county road and the town of hempstead has no control over it. that’s why we got the crappy medians. that’s why denise ford had so much control over the decision on the redesign and screwed the residents years back. am i right?

  2. you could be right, but i think the TOH would have some say. it’s like the coliseum – it’s owned by Nassau County, but the zoning is the TOH.

    Long Island is pretty confusing: what is a state road? what is a county road? what is a town road? I know the medians in long beach are actually owned by Nassau County, but they worked with LB redesigning it (the one by Monroe blvd).

    But yeah I am sure you are right that it’s county owned.

  3. well the residents wanted bike lanes. ms. ford and her coalition from long beach said that it would be a problem for the fire departments, police department and the evacuation of the island. the town of hempstead and kate murray deferred to whatever HER decision was. it was bulls**t how she handled it. it resolved nothing and lido blvd looks like a bad section of queens blvd. nice job denise. so as nice as this sounds you need to run it by denise ford first. she has to check with her long beach cronies first.

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