Budget Blueprint Summary [City of Long Beach]

The City of Long Beach just released a budget blueprint summary which spells out just how they plan on balancing the city’s budget. It’s pretty self-explanatory: cuts, savings, reductions, increases; it’s all there.

Oh wait, what is that? A three year temporary tax surcharge of 11.9%? And what is this about an additional 4.1% increase on the general fund tax levy? Like the city says, these are “tough choices [that] cannot be avoided.” Personally, I blame the old guys for all this (and deep down in your hearts you know that I’m right).

Download the PDF here: blueprint-4-10-12.pdf

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8 thoughts on “Budget Blueprint Summary [City of Long Beach]”

  1. How do you spin this for the AP wire? Cut city staffing %10 save $ 3 mil, I think that’s a start.
    What are Mike and Larry actually doing today that we can’t do without. What happened to the %25 departmental savings?

  2. yesterday I watched 3 of our “executives” talking on the boardwalk for over 10 minutes. (Maybe longer. I was only there for that time.) All the while a very large white SUV was parked with the engine running. Why? Bad for the environment and bad for our wallets. Stop the waste.

  3. I thought I would see the usual “tell them it’s 4.1 and 11.9” then we will look great when it’s 3.5 and 10. If this site is any indication of Long Beach Taxpayers takin it lying down, it will be %25 again before you know it. It’s so quite you can hear home sales drop.

  4. We will be “takin it lying down” if we don’t press City Council to correct decades of hiring abuse and rightsize the City’s work force. 80% of the budget is comp, 400 ft employees (correct me if I’ve got the numbers wrong). Unfortunately we cannot afford it. And Rome burns while Nero fiddles….

  5. I think we’re probably outnumbered by people who have an extra $1000.00 to pay in real estate (City,School,County) next year. I would like to see the Herald do an in depth study
    of the actual effects this will have on the average homeowner presently paying $6,500.00 a year in taxes but I guess they do not think that will sell any papers.

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