LB Patch reports on Facebook Group: “Send Jack Schnirman Back to ‘Crookhaven.’” [and my opinion on that topic]

The LB Patch is reporting on the Facebook group:  “Send Jack Schnirman Back to ‘Crookhaven.’”  (Read – Long Beach Patch : Facebook Group Calls for Schnirman’s Return to ‘Crookhaven.) Some interesting stuff including the fact that people are being added unwillingly. City Council Member Len Torress even got involved:

That Facebook group’s manifesto is as follows:

“This Facebook group is dedicated to sending LB City Manager back to Brookhaven, where he belongs. He and his friends from Crookhaven, have ruined the reputation of our great city. He has come into our city and managed to ruin our reputation, negatively impact our our property values, and hurt the image of the city we love. 

HIT THE ROAD JACK…and don’t come back!

We want a city manager who wants to improve our city, not just improve his resume!

I’m not sure how City Manager Jack Schnirman ruined the citys’ reputation, property values, and city image when all what City Manager Jack Schnirman did was walk into a well documented mess that was here to begin with. A WELL DOCUMENTED MESS. Attention: Admin of that Facebook Group: Are you that stupid blind? (OH NO HE DIDN’T!)

I wrote so much more on this topic, but I decided to just erase it and leave it with this: It’s just a dumb Facebook group. Freedom of speech. Nothing to see here. Move along.


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  1. that would be our 43rd president. GW Bush. Who, much like the prior LB administration, clearly has nothing to do with our current financial predicament 😉

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