Serata South taking over Matteo’s location [Will It Be Plate Licking Good?]

As mentioned to me by a reader the other day and in a text message from Shaun like two weeks ago (which I forgot to follow up on until now), a new restaurant called Serata South is taking over 777 West Beech Street (formally known as Matteo’s).

They have a website up already and it um… looks interesting, to say the least. Serata South serves Italian food. I love Italian food, but by glancing over the YELP reviews of their other location in Oyster Bay (160 Mill River Rd) I found this:

“Then the clock struck 9:00, and Serata entered the twilight zone of lost identities. loud cheezy music was pumping from the dj booth, yes they have a dj booth, and guess what,  strobe lights and a disco ball to boot. 

Really, a disco ball. This cool little restaurant turned into a 50 year old single man’s dream of reliving some bad dream. And, oh yea, the restaurant was also trying to serve food. (source – Brent B on Yelp)

Disco? Really? Personally, that sounds a litte too disco-y for me, so I’ll make sure I get there and leave before 9pm – if that’s the case here in Long Beach. You’d think with my name being Anthony and the fact that I’m Italian I’d be right at home. Well, I am more of a Pink Floyd, Ramones, Iron Maiden kind of guy, so…. not really my scene. I am not really sure whose scene this is for actually.. since a lot of Long Beach folks posted on this website how they want more live music and less “disco”.

Anyway, the menu does look pretty good and when it comes down to it, it’s all about the food. So let’s hope that is the case. By the looks of the image above, the food appears to be plate licking good… Has anybody been to their Oyster Bay location?

Serata South (777 West Beech Street, Long Beach, NY) is opening in May. Visit them online for more info @


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18 thoughts on “Serata South taking over Matteo’s location [Will It Be Plate Licking Good?]”

  1. Another location? Does that make them a chain?? Ban then from the west end NOW before chains take over everywhere (C-town don’t worry you’re ok!)

  2. just when you thought the citiots (termed by a friend of mine… city + idiots = citiots in case you didn’t get it) didn’t have enough reason to invade the west end on the weekends, along comes this place?! Good, great, grand, wonderful.. NO YELLING ON THE BUS!!

  3. Matteo Shmatteo, it’s Vitos’ Place (RIP) At least now we’ll have nightclub with it’s own parking lot. Good luck to the Walks and East Westholme!

  4. first impression: this sounds like a city style meat pack district restaurant. dinner followed by a dance scene. whats wrong with that? sounds great to me. a place you can bring the girlfreind that isnt a drunken irish pub or underage scene. Long Beach could use more variety and classier places as another option to your night. I welcome it as long as it doesnt get too guido’d out.

  5. $24 for chicken parm #areyouseriousbro

    Those menu prices are outrageous, and I guarantee the food is overrated like most places here.

  6. Forget it . This will be all about the night club. That’s how you make it in the west end. 10 PM to 4 AM It will be a DWI enforcers dream watching them drive out of that lot.

  7. Don’t you need a cabaret license if you are going to have music and dancing in a bar/restaurant? Where was the zoning board on this?

  8. Finally….something different in Long beach…love the bars and bands but what
    about some good old classic dance music to change it up. Good luck and great idea!

  9. Serata in Oyster Bay is lovely…food is delicious and the concept actually works…disco…classic disco…and yes 40 something and loving it! Get ready Long Beach something good is coming for a change

  10. well hope every one has been there after they fed the town after sandy for thanksgiving, and donated back to the city food is amazing place is beautiful and the town / zoning board approved them slap in the face for all u people who have nothing better to do then complaine about new biz in the west end when the west end is broke … serata looks like its here to stay !!!! and yes its an italian play ground in the west end lmaoooo

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