City Council Meeting Tonight (It’s That Time of the Month!). Agenda: Beach Pass Fees?

The City of Long Beach Tuesday, April 17th agenda brings:

  1. Resolution for the city to purchase tires.
  2. The amendment of a local finance law.
  3. The amendment of Beach Pass fees.
  4. Application to waive the Off-Street Parking for Massage Therapy/Day Spa.

View the event for time and map.

If I had a dime for every “off-street parking waiver” at these meetings… man, would I be rich. If you’re going tonight BRING LOTS OF COFFEE because it sounds like a borefest. Actually, beach passes are important. You know, amending past fees and listing current ones. You know?

So is this what to expect for the upcoming season?


  • Residents with children up to the age of 18: Family Plan $60.00 / season
  • Non-residents with children up to the age of 18: $120.00 / season
  • Non-resident individuals (age 13 and over): $80.00 / season
  • Economy Beach Pass (10 Admissions): $80.00
  • Single individual daily pass: NOT LISTED. Summer 2011 it was $12.
(Source: City of Long Beach agenda – Tuesday, April 17th)



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