Allegria Hotel Discounts: Up to 43% Off (SBC Saves You Cash)

Website Boston Deals is offering Up to 43% off beach-view rooms and massages in Long Beach, NY.  The deals are:

  1. $269 for a one-night stay in a beach-view room, plus one 60-minute massage (worth $459)
  2. $468 for a two-night stay in a beach-view room, plus one 60-minute massage (worth $768)

Act fast because this deal ends Tuesday 5/1, 11:59PM EDT.

Let’s help the Allegria pay its back taxes (read: Allegria Owes City $300k). Spread the word! Oddly, You wouldn’t think this hotel would offer discounts during the summer season. Perhaps it’s in even bigger trouble than what we original thought?


Allegria Hotel
80 W Broadway
Long Beach, NY 115611

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16 thoughts on “Allegria Hotel Discounts: Up to 43% Off (SBC Saves You Cash)”

  1. I had dinner last night at the Allegria. For $19.95 I had an incredible meal! Asparagus and spinach soup (sounds awful but delicious) and sea bass. Plus a 1/2 price bottle of wine. For three people with a tip the cost was $100. Got there at 6, gorgeous view of the ocean and boardwalk and left just as the setting sun was streaking the sky with pink. Aaah, Long Beach!!

  2. How long did you have to wait for a cup of coffee? We waited for almost 1/2 an hour. with only 2 other tables of people there.
    Never again.

  3. $268 is the deal?!?! No wonder they are going out of business. Some of the best hotels in Manhattan have rooms at $300/night or less. $536/night in Long Beach is outrageous.

  4. I’ve always had mixed experiences at the Allegria. I personally want it to succeed because I think it’s an asset to our community, but I felt their breakfast was a little too expensive for what you get. They need to go to the Marriott Hotel in Fort Lauderdale and copy their buffet breakfast. If they brought that here to LB, I’d be down there every sunday eating omelets and danishes.

  5. I agree with AMC. With NYC just a train ride away, I’d rather spend the money on a night in Manhattan, surrounded by incredible restaurants and bars. I love Long Beach, so come on Allegria – make yourself a friend to the neighborhood as opposed to a NYC wannabe!

  6. I will never understand how hotels work… wouldn’t room prices fluctuate based on the demand? If the place is empty, you lower the price. if it starts to fill up, you raise them!

    If they actually get $536/night because of demand, more power to them.

  7. Thoroughly outrageous. As is their service in their restaurant. It is a slow and as unprofessional as I have even seen.

  8. They should liven that bar up and get some local acts in this summer. I’d kill to see the Roast Beef Curtains or Terry Woods jam in there while I had a $13 vodka soda.

  9. Hotel management skills are not Allegria’s high points. They should offer residents discounts for their down times. I’d stay a night after dinner and cocktails.

    Maybe they need to fail because of the taxes they owe. How that happens is beyond my comprehension. Something isn’t Kosher.

  10. They should start doing local guest bartendars……cant be any worse than the slugs they have behind the bar now!!
    $2 beers and $5 drinks!!! My votes for first guest bartendar…….WIGGLES!!!!!!!

    Also, there is no way demand is driving the prices up….the place is a ghost town everytime you go into the bar …

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