I’m Not Down With LNG (Yeah, You Know Me!) Who’s down with LNG? (None Of The LB Homies)***

A few weeks ago I mentioned how a new LNG project was sneaking up behind us, hoping nobody was looking. WELL WE ARE LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU LNG PROJECT AND WE DON’T LIKE WHAT WE’RE SEEING.

I am talking about the newly proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal which would essentially be off the coast of our beloved city by the sea. This was a major issue a few years ago, then the plug was pulled in June 2010 because of heavy opposition. Back then it was the Atlantic Sea Island Group who we all hated (yeah, we all hated you). Now it’s back on the table with The Liberty Natural Gas plan (now we hate you too). It appears that they want to bypass State legislation and perhaps slip through some Federal loophole laziness. Boy, those LNG lobbyists must be paying a few folks in D.C. a lot of freakin’ money. Not suitcases, but barges filled.

The LB Herald has updated information along with a map of where the proposed terminal would be. So head over and read: Plans resurface for Liquefied Natural Gas project off Long Beach. Here is a sneak peak:

Because the federal government hasn’t done their homework, they are still trying to pursue this.

Oh, those damn Feds!!!


***Because LNG would be Naughty By To Nature… OHHHH I crack myself up.. ROFLMAOLOL

(Image from LB Herald – Plans resurface for Liquefied Natural Gas project off Long Beach.)

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20 thoughts on “I’m Not Down With LNG (Yeah, You Know Me!) Who’s down with LNG? (None Of The LB Homies)***”

  1. It’s going to be 19 miles off-shore. No one can see that far on the horizon. If it makes our oil/gas prices lower I’m all for it!

    Think of the ships you see off our beach… they’re only 5 miles off shore and they are giant tankers and freighters and they’re not overpowering or ruining our view.

  2. I’m not worried about the view. I am worried about the environmental impact it might have. I would rather have a wind farm or something cleaner.

    They say oil/gas prices will go down, but then a year later it will be just as high again.

  3. This will not lower gas prices. Speculators drive gas prices up like they are now, it is not due to lack of supply. Don’t be reactionary to slightly higher energy prices at the cost of our environment, especially when you have no idea how those prices are set. Don’t believe the BS some politicians are trying to feed you about gas prices. I agree with Anthony, there are clean energy alternatives.

    West End resident, Planet supporter

  4. gas prices have been going down here, not up

    if they build this it will be used to ship LNG away from NY, not to it. Remember that the moratorium on fracking will expire and we will have more gas than we can use.

    it is not about the view

    it is about the $$$ and the lack of concern fo rthe environment by thise who stand to profit

  5. Wind farms are absolutely horrendous.

    They are land intensive, destroy scenic views and are deadly obstacles for migrating birds.

    Solar panels installations should be mandatory for all government buildings, commercial property, new residential construction and eventually all residential retrofits and remodels.

    Its possible to curb fossil fuel use in a way that doesn’t create eyesores or pose dangers to wildlife.

  6. ummm…..LNG is liquid natural gas. I has no effect on the prices of gasoline or heating oil. Instead of being complacent and thinking it is no big deal, consider this the first step in what will become an onslaught. That is a prime fishing area, both for sport and commercial, well you can kiss that good bye. Then once that terminal has been established, the precedent has been set for other schemes that will foul our coastal waters.
    I know this isn’t the same, but the oil rigs have done nothing to improve the coast of California and the people of the Gulf didn’t find their lives enhanced by BP.
    There is no comparison to the tankers that pass by – they do just that – they pass by. They are not fixed.
    We need to make sure our politicians, local, state and federal are very clear on the fact that we do not want this or any other terminal off our beaches.

  7. Speculators…. thats funny. A bunch of guys sitting in a room cornering the market in oil and gas futures? Totally illogical….its supply and demand plain and simple.

  8. Everyone is making goods points but what happens then? Seems like no one who lives on the south shores wants this project, its not exactly a guarantee of any benefit for New York. It is a guarantee of the company “Liberty Natural Gas” to make money though. The project could effect not only Long Beach but every beach from Jones Beach west to Coney Island. After Long Beach said no the the project in 2010, in 2011 “Liberty Natural Gas” tried to put the location closer to NJ and Governor Christie stopped it under the federal Deepwater Port Act. Does anyone know what Governor Cuomo’s stand is on this? He may be able to stop it for a while until another way can be found to end the proposal once and for all.

  9. The pipeline from New Jersey to Long Island already exist. The idea of having an off shore
    site to “upload” LNG from tankers from the Caribbean to the existing line is what is questionable.

  10. Long island doesn’t have the land mass for utility scale wind farms. We do, however, have a big old ocean that could do the trick. Solar is definitely part of the solution, but like wind, it’s intermittent. A combination of both could get us where we need to be.

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