Bike Lanes & DecoBike Kiosk Locations [MAP]

(Not to Scale, click to enlarge or view full PDF: DecoBike_Kiosk_Locations)

Thirteen Kiosk locations:

  1. Pacific Blvd / Shore Road (Presidents Section)
  2. Boardwalk / Neptune Blvd (East End)
  3. Virginia Ave / Beech Street (West End)
  4. Welcome to Long Beach Park on Beech Street between Nevada and Ohio Avenues (West End)
  5. Grand Blvd / West Park Avenue (The Walks)
  6. Magnolia Blvd / Recreation Center (Westholme)
  7. West Walnut Street / Edwards Blvd (Central District)
  8. Clark Street Park (The Canals)
  9. Riverside Blvd / Park Place (North Park)
  10. LIRR (Central District)
  11. Boardwalk / Edwards Blvd (Central District)
  12. Boardwalk / Grand Blvd (Westholme)
  13. Roosevelt Avenue / Park Avenue (East End)

After a quick glance, one has to wonder why there isn’t a kiosk right near the Allegria Hotel. I guess you can say there’s the one a block away on Edwards Blvd & the boardwalk, but that seems to better serve the NYC folk riding bikes down Edwards from the LIRR kiosk. And is anybody going to really use the kiosk all the way up in the canals at the Clark Street Park?  Ahh soo much to discuss. I’ll write more on this topic later on.

Ok, the bike lane locations. I was hoping it would have been laid out more like Helltrack from the 1986 movie RAD, but beggars can’t be choosers. Still, not bad if you’re just riding from one Decobike kiosk to another. Ocean view & the boardwalk are already ‘bike lanes,’ so it appears to me that the only new ones Decobike will carve out are four north/south routes:

  1. Grand Blvd
  2. Magnolia Blvd
  3. Edwards Blvd
  4. Riverside Blvd

I’m still wondering how biking on Park Avenue or Beech Street can be improved; or even Long Beach Blvd for folks coming from Island Park. Perhaps I’m the only person who even cares about that? Hopefully, one of these days the city will officially adapt a Complete Streets policy, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Although, I am hearing how the new administration is open to the idea. We shall see.

In the meantime, what do you think of the bike lanes and kiosk locations? Discuss…

(Source – City of Long Beach, NY: DecoBike Kiosk Locations)

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17 thoughts on “Bike Lanes & DecoBike Kiosk Locations [MAP]”

  1. In a parallel reality, today’s NY Times had an article on NYC’s rent-a-bike kiosk placement. It is scheduled to begin officially in July. I wish Deco-bike would throw in some attractive new bike racks. What do you do if your deco-bike gets stolen? Does it come with a lock so you can tie it up to a handy trash receptacle while you get a Tutti-Fruiti? Who maintains the kiosks?

  2. I was able to look at the map before it was put on the city website so I’ve had sometime to let the lanes season in my brain and to personally bike down the proposed streets. I brought the condition of certain roads to the appropriate parties attention. Magnolia will be altered to accommodate lane safety with the curb gutters. It’s an interesting re-design as you will soon see.

    I’m disappointed in the bike lanes drawn out on the Decobikes kiosk map. While I understand this is an introduction of sorts to bike lanes for the city, the lanes only serving recreational routes. By introducing bike lane and setting such a low bar, the city is demonstrating a negative view of cycling. I’m hard pressed to find another city introducing such insignificant bike lanes to their infrastructure. While other cities are working hard to make their areas more bike friendly, the City of Long Beach is continuing its practice of bike unfriendliness by pushing lanes to the outskirts.

    You can look at cities like Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Austin, Tulsa, Kansas CIty, Denver, Anchorage, Gainesville, Louisville, Columbus, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Salem, Seattle, Fargo, Omaha, Indianapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Clevelend, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Salt Lake City, Boise, or New York City if you are interested in knowing what works for being bicycle friendly as these are in the top 50 US cities.

    Narrow the lane widths on Park Ave (traffic calming). Our lane widths on Park are at a MINIMUM 11 feet and up which should be the maximum. Bottom line: there is room on Park Ave. Any person who said their just doesn’t want them.

    Having said all that I MUST say that each time I approached certain department heads in city hall, I received appreciated responses. Bike lanes are new here and the DecoBikes contract that was signed by the previous admin is unbreakable so, unlike NYC, we are stuck with an inexperienced company that was brought in through the backdoor. Trying to make the best of that, the persons in charge of overseeing this are without a doubt trying to the best of their knowledge to make this work with the least amount of impact.
    But why not have impact? Restructuring road ways *should* have a dramatic impact and it, like every other city stated above, will be a positive for the entire city.

    I will continue to work on pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure as part of an independent project on alternative transportation in the city.

  3. High five to Billy’s Beach Cafe for encouraging and accommodating bike riders. Zamboni’s is freaking annoying with the pile-on bike heap of lifeguards. Get 3 racks, dudes.
    There are certain establishments on across from the LIRR that have piles of bikes in the summertime locked to poles or left on the sidewalk. Those places have no respect for their customers nor pedestrians trying to walk by. Climb off your wallet and buy a bike rack- GINO’s (the horrendous offender w/ bike parking ignorance), Sugo (the owner parks infront of his business taking up a parking space that could be used by one of his customers- shame on you, dude, for that and having no bike rack despite your weird-overpriced taco dog counter), Park Ave diner place, and FIVE GUYS BURGERS (get 2 bike racks, your customers need to burn a calorie).

  4. Kudos to you Allison. I checked out Decobikes web site and they do not seem to be that inexperienced. Maybe just as to how things happen in COLB. I think City should open parking lot at old incinerator to free parking and install kiosk and sell beach passes from there.

  5. Just did some research on Decobike. It actually looks like a great idea. According to the information I found it actually is the most successful bike share program in the US. Don’t know what all the negative talk is about it actually looks like it could benefit COLB..

  6. The most successful bike share program in the US? I dont claim to know everything about everything but I do know a damn lot about bike shares having research global share schemes for over a year now and I can confidently say that there is no way you could assess DecoBikes as being the most successful bike share programs in the US.
    What exactly is your criteria when we there is no open bicycle share data for comparison? Is your definition of success something other than qualitative data analysis? Are you considering only privately funded systems or also public-private? Would you consider Deco to be more successful than Capital or Alta?

    Do you ride a bicycle? How do you feel about the lack of infrastructure and education in LB? How about the kiosks being placed with no regard to location & density? With that in mind, have you considered the inflexible and inconvenient disadvantage of only being able to lock the bikes to kiosks?

    These things matter. I like the statistics supporting the economic benefits of investing in bike infrastructure and the increased ridership. We all benefit from this.

    Lets just, you know, not fuck this one up.

  7. Gotta love those NEW needless painted bike lane graphics that are now appearing on selected streets! So glad the COLB FINALLY got around to PAYING someone to do that.
    For years now, I’ve been leaving my house with too many questions:
    where should i ride my bike?
    How can I find the way to the beach?
    most importantly…Which way am I supposed to face while whiloe riding?
    At least maybe NOW, with this MUCH NEEDED project underway, the COLB wont have the man power for one of their other FAVS…paying to pull LIVE flowers from the islands to plant LIVE flowers..OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!
    Speaking of which…does anyone have some green paint??? If their not going to remove the slabs of cement, I figure ill just paint them!

  8. I’m willing to go to Amsterdam for fact finding. I would need expenses. There are more bikes in Amsterdam than in the whole of New York State but then again everyone over the age of 16 doesn’t drive a car. Let’s start a pool. How many bike riders will be killed in Long Beach this summer? I say three. How many will be injured enough for an emergency room visit? I say an even dozen.

  9. I’ll talk to the seabythecity board over at headquarters and see what cash we have left in the research fund.

    As far as how many get injured or killed. I always felt that 1 was too much.

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