Building for Sale (Mini-Superblock)

Want to buy a building? (Mini-Superblock)

The old Jewish War Veterans building, located at 727 West Park Avenue is up for sale by the City. For the directionally challenged, like myself, it’s the building next to All Creatures Veterinary Hospital.

You may recall tales of it becoming a Youth Center in days past or a park, disco if you want to go back far enough. Alas, nothing happened.  It’s a memory for those of us that went for events with our grandparents or those that honorably served our country. Now it’s a shell of an era gone by.  Holly bushes still can prick you though. I wonder is this isn’t our own mini Superblock? The shell to remain vacant and lifeless till it crumbles unto itself or gets condemned.

According to The Jewish War Veterans 
Long Beach Post No. 666 
Meets 1st Tues. of month 8 p.m., 
breakfast 3rd Sun. 9 a.m. 
727 West Park Ave., Long Beach 11561. Guess it’s true that once something hits the Net it never goes away.

Here’s the City’s deal.

The RFP (Request For Proposals) RFP – Sale of Real Property- 45

to Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 4:00 PM

CITY OF LONG BEACH REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that sealed proposals will be received in Room 509, Purchasing Department, City Hall, Long Beach, New York 11561, up until 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 for the following:Sale of Real PropertySuch real property is located at 727 West Park Avenue, Long Beach, New York 11561 (Section 59, Block 250, Lot 138).

The whole RFP makes for an interesting read on what could actually go into that space.  Zoning Board has final approval.

So dream West End of a park with Waterfront views, a skateboard park, a dog park, a Gap, a bank.  By the time this gets bought, torn down and rebuilt to whatever entities make that decision I’ll be dead.

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  1. A zoning change would probably be needed for residential, but for such a small piece of property, you can probably only fit one house on that land.

    Not sure if the city would want to keep that commercial..

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