Here Come The Bike Lanes (Updated: Stenciled Bikes By The Sea)

UPDATE: That photo was taken on Magnolia Blvd. I am an advocate of bike lanes, but these are not bike lanes. Lines create boundaries which are supposed to narrow the road and calm the traffic. A painted bike with a couple of arrows doesn’t do anything, but piss people off (as you can see by some of the comments below). Perhaps the lines come later? (I doubt it).


The other day we posted a map of where the Decobike-funded bike lanes would be. It looks like the lanes have arrived! I just received a mysterious text message with the following photo and no other info. Hmm.. is that Grand? It’s Magnolia Blvd. Edwards? Riverside? What street has those bricks hugging the curb? And no bike lane lines? Is that technically a bike lane or just a bike graphic?

I’ll update when I get more info.

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17 Replies to “Here Come The Bike Lanes (Updated: Stenciled Bikes By The Sea)”

  1. Drum up some bike laws. Fine bozos who ride like stoned zombies in the middle of traffic, make it a law that bikers have to have a bell, fine them $25 if they don’t, I want 10%. Seriously, people ride like they are in an invisible bubble that protects them from any harm. From teenagers riding double to surfer dudes riding barefoot with a surf board under one arm, fine ’em, save all that hospital emergency room time.

  2. Gotta love those NEW needless painted bike lane graphics that are now appearing on selected streets!
    For years now, I’ve been leaving my house with too many questions:

    Where should i ride my bike…street, sidewalk, island, lawn?
    How can I find the way to the beach? LB is so expansive and with this grid setup and such large homes and shrubs, its so hard to navigate.
    Which way am I supposed to face while while riding?
    which hand holds which handlebar grip?
    and MOST IMPORTANTLY…is the seat even necessary?


    OH and BTW…does anyone have some extra green paint???
    If DECO’s not going to remove the slabs of cement they said they would (imagine if the COLB had the power to be proactive and make them), I figure ill just them the “natural” look!

  3. Regarding those cement slabs: Have you seen the LIFE AFTER PEOPLE documentary?

    If you wait long enough, Nature will eventually take over. Just don’t hold your breath..

  4. Saw them on Edwards yesterday… stupid and a waste of money. The city should worry more about the faded shoulder line all the way down broadway and faded parking spots lines which I’ve gotten numerous tickets for by the summer rent-a-cops. I wrote a few letters to Judge Tepper, he threw out the tickets but still hasn’t done anything about the lines. They can’t paint yellow lines marking the end of the parking rows but do have time and money to put double-yellows in the intersection in front of the hotel. Who is running our “traffic” division?

  5. The issue I pointed out re: Magnolia and bike lanes (as in bike lanes, not just bike graphics) is the wide drain alongside the curb. You can’t paint sensible lines up or down Magnolia.

    Is it me or does that bike graphic look more like a chalk line of my eventual dead body clinging to my bike?

  6. These are so useless as actual bike lanes that I wonder whether they are merely planned/intended to point people in the direction of where the nearest Deco Bike stand will be.

  7. Well, yeah that is exactly what they are there to do – point people to the kiosks which makes complete sense because bike share users need to know where they can park their bikes. The bikes do not come with bike locks.

    When you rent a DecoBike you have to lock them to a kiosk so it makes sense, right?

    They aren’t bike lanes. They are kiosk pointers and basically advertisements for the bike share scheme, painted all over our streets only for the monetary interest of a private Floridian company.
    It’s probably a good thing that I don’t own a bike shop- I’m such an asshole I’d paint BIGGER arrows to my shop over the DecoScams stencils. Seriously- why does this FLoridian company that entered the city through a backdoor deal get to stencil advertisements on our streets? Fuck them. I’d rather see those arrows point to our 3 bike shops if anywhere at all.

    Don’t shit on the current city council, city manager, public works, police commish for these as their hands are tied.

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