(The newer) Proposed LNG Natural Gas Port Is Kaput [It’s déjà vu all over again]

I was just forwarded the following press release which originally came from CleanOceanAction.org. I was told that the withdrawal was made effective April 20th.  I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t we go through all this before?” Yes, we did: June 25th, 2010, Read –  LNG is Done. Over. Kaput.

Hopefully this doesn’t become a biennial event…  Can we just lay this whole LNG thing to rest? Nobody wants it.

Announced today, the Liberty LNG natural gas port proposed for off the New Jersey and New York coastline has been officially withdrawn, and the federal government has terminated all work on the proposal. 

In late March, 2012, the State of New Jersey sent a letter to the federal government detailing each and every instance where NJ Governor Christie said “NO” to LNG – in all forms, in all locations, and by all applicants.   The Governor had officially – and legally – vetoed this port in February of 2011, and Liberty LNG spent the last 14 months trying to find ways to get around this clear opposition.

Armed with the NJ Governor’s veto and frustrated by the inaction over the last year (in refusing to deny the LNG port application), Clean Ocean Action and 30 other environmental groups from Montauk, NY, to Cape May, NJ, sent a letter to the federal government demanding that this unnecessary foreign fossil fuel facility be shown the door – officially.  One week after the collective voices of the citizens and organization of New York and New Jersey called for the denial of the LNG port, Liberty LNG (owned by a Canadian investment firm), withdrew the application. 

This Victory for our clean ocean is the third victory in as many years – proposals for a giant floating port and a man-made island-port and were both cancelled in 2010 and 2011.  For the first time in over a decade, there are no pending or proposed LNG ports in the New York/New Jersey Ocean! Clean Ocean Action wants to thank all the citizens who stood together over the years against this harmful industrialization of our ocean!

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One thought on “(The newer) Proposed LNG Natural Gas Port Is Kaput [It’s déjà vu all over again]”

  1. This is a small victory in what some consider a big war.
    But we all come home and turn on the stove for dinner and probably %50 heat our homes and maybe %50 percent of our electricity (on Long Island) is produced from gas delivered
    on a pipeline that originates deep in the south and terminates right here in Long Beach.

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