[Reader submitted] Budget Forecast Spreadsheet Comparing ’09-’10 To ’12-’13

A reader named Karen forwarded me the spreadsheet below where she compares the 2009/10 budget against what the city is forecasting for 2012/13. Since it’s just a proposed budget, it’s not 100% accurate, but Karen points out that it’s unsustainable the way it stands. As she plainly puts it, “very, very scary, right?” Of course, it’s hard to completely spell doom without knowing what the income will be, since this just shows expenses only. The city is working hard behind the scenes thinking of creative ways in bringing in more revenue, which will hopefully balance everything. Can the city do it? Only time will tell. By the looks of this spreadsheet, one thing is definitely clear: retirement is crazy!!

Please Note: The numbers are in millions. For example, Fire Protection is budgeted for $3,932,030 and not the bargin price of $3,932 that you might wish think it is.

Information is from the Proposed Annual Budget for Fiscal Year July 1st, 2012 – June 30th, 2013.

(click to enlarge or view PDF: COMPARISON- ’09-’10 TO ’12-’13)

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  1. I posted this on Patch as well but this story is more likely to attract the spreadsheet readers among us. Am I pulling the right numbers for this analysis of the Beach expenses and fees?

    To answer the question about beach revenues I did a quick look at the proposed budget and came up with this info, I realize there are boardwalk and other services lumped in here but this is the numbers given and sadly it appears we lose money on the beach (is that possible??):

    A7186 LIFEGUARDS $1,567,710
    A7187 BEACH PARK $486,000
    A8172 BEACH MAINTENANCE $2,149,878
    Expenses $4,203,588
    Fee Revenue
    42023 BEACH CHARGES CITY CLERK $97,446
    42024 BEACH CHARGES LIRR $395,176
    42025 BEACH CHARGES $3,013,924
    42035 BEACH COMFORT $10,932
    Revenues $3,517,478

    Loss 2010-2011 from Beach Operations $(686,110)

  2. The revenue estimates are in the proposed budget and on the non-tax side are small and look overestimated. They look overestimated because the proposed budget shows the prior budget’s estimation and y-t-d actuals. So the evidence suggests overestimation, not I. And it is in the seven figures. That makes necessary personnel savings more than the $7 million stated as necessary by the proposed budget or it will not balance.

    The unions need to come to the table with City management and make this right. And if the unions do not, City management must bring to bear all its powers to cut and the fallout should be on the heads of the unions.

  3. Regarding the Beach revenues, that is where the State Comptroller’s office comes in. I believe that is all they are looking into even though “others” would have you think differently

  4. Description from Budget FY 2010-2011 YTD Actual % of PY Actual
    42023 BEACH CHARGES CITY CLERK $97,446 $ – 0%
    42024 BEACH CHARGES LIRR $ 395,176 $ 496,800 126%
    42025 BEACH CHARGES $ 3,013,924 $1,579,267 52%
    42035 BEACH COMFORT $ 10,932 $ 11,417 104%
    Totals $ 3,517,478 $2,087,484 59%
    YTD Actual is through April 10, 2012.
    COmparing YTD this year to the prior year is interesting. The YTD numbers start July 1 as we have a June 30 year end. YTD includes July and August. Totals for LIRR tickets/beach passes is more than 100% of the prior year total, looks like this is a growing idea becoming the beach pass of choice for day trippers. Not a bad thing considering it cuts out the cash transaction from happenening on the boardwalk under teh LIRR cash controls.

    I am a little confused about why the beach charges were “down” (only 52% o fthe prior year total even though it includes July 1 – Labor Day) versus the prior year. Perhaps people stayed out of Long Beach fearing a circus of activity from the contest??

    RichD if the cash controls on the boardwalk are reviewed this summer and we see a windfall it will be great for the residents. Who would actually try to skim the cash box after the audit had been so publicly announced?

    The city needs to have a process where the passes at each gate are counted and at random times throughout the day. One agent shold act as a roving cash collector where the cash in the box is counted down and compared to the number of passes sold (starting number of passes less passes remaining). The gate check should sign the reconciliation sheet on the spot and turn it in with their box to a different person at the end of the day to ensure the collector turns in the actual cash collected. Serially numbered beach passes overall should also be reconciled daily to catch any collusion efforts.

    Whether or not every person accessing the beach actually buys/has their own pass is another matter.

  5. @Fred Barnes…let me ask you a question, what do you do? all of these gentlemen whose salaries you decided to post, first off how would you feel if someone decided to post your personal business? second of all, if someone decided to break into your house and tie up your wife, murder, steal? is their salary justified then? if your house and all of its belongigns went on fire would you be willing to run in and put it out and save your family members??? how about if you, your mother/father/wife/children/loved ones had a heart attack or another life threatening injury, how would you feel about how much these men/women are getting paid??? there are a lot of other factors that could be addressed in order to help our fiscal situation. Id love to see how you would react to these people if something terrible were to happen to you directly??? youd be on your HANDS AND KNEES thanking them. Im sure your one of the people throwing things at our servicemen when they come home from iraq/afghanistan as well. How bout you get out and DO something about helping our community instead of pointing fingers pal. Thank you police and fire for keeping our community safe and great!!!

  6. these guys put their lives on the line everyday to protect YOU and YOUR family. And you are complaining??? what have you done lately to help? id love to know! Firemen in the city make approx 90 grand…EMS in the city make approx 50 grand….our firement do both….so what does that make 140 before overtime and everything else….woudl you prefer those salaries? Our police have reduced crime SIGNIFICANTLY! Wanna wake up every morning and be worried about looking over your shoulder? How do you think it feels to live in a crime ridden society? You dont know because these cops are doing a great job keeping you safe. Do u sit at a desk job or do you go into work everyday knowing very well that it could be your last? These folks do and you should appreciate that i sure do! Think about that. Like i said prior, theres a lot of things that could be done before we start cutting public safety and wellbeing…. how bout instead of looking at how much people these people are making and start using your time to find ways to help!

  7. matt, this info is publicly available. it came from a site listed many times by readers here and the patch. i did not create the list and did not publish it. i just repeated it here. it is about the top pay, not about the job. if the top paid were all sanitation workers their names would be on it. and people who live in long beach and pay taxes or rent should know that those being paid the big salaries in long beach are not faceless bureacrats, but neighbors.

    as to your argument, you got nasty. i just stated facts. by your argument, if police wanted to get paid one million each, i should pay it or i must want my wife to get murdered or raped. now, who is playing dirty???

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