I’ve always felt had some sort of kinship with ants. It’s not just because of the first three letters of my name (See: Anthony), but by how inspiring I found them to be. I love how you can watch them hunt and gather. I marvel by way they create homes out dirt and sand. It makes me think of how life must have been like when we were cavemen. Simple. Survival. No talk about budget, unless it meant food. Ahh ants….Those little insects never really bugged me the way roaches or earwigs did. My NYC days of dealing with roaches are over, but ever since I moved to Long Beach I’ve had an ant problem. Every spring the annual ant parade marches through my house and it’s really starting to get annoying. I’m finding them everywhere: In the kitchen cabinets, dining room , bathrooms, my face.. I think these little guys are carpenter ants, but I’m no entomologist. I do know that I can’t seem to stop them from coming inside my house!

I’ve heard that this ant infestation is city-wide. Is it because of the sand under our homes? I wish I could just put some smelly object outside that would attract them to leave, because the only option appears to be violence. How do you folks deal with these little guys? I’ve tried most products and they don’t seem to work.

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  1. I have the same problem and no matter how much I scrub and clean they keep coming back. I’ve had minor success scrubbing my kitchen and bathroom with a mix of water and vinegar. Diatomaceous earth has helped a lot but it doesn’t kill the next and make them go away…just dries them out and kills them.

    I recently got Terro liquid and it attracts them in droves. The way it’s supposed to work is you put it out, the ants smell the sweet liquid, come by and load up on it, take the poison back to the nest and they all die. Well, I have a party of ants daily feasting on the Terro but there has been no noticeable difference in their numbers as of yet. They did say it could take a couple of weeks to work since the poison allows the ants to live just long enough to get back to the next. I guess some don’t make it that long!

    I get a little grossed out every day when I see all of them but today I noticed a large quantity of them were dead. According to Terro FAQs, as the ants die in the nest, the able bodied ones carry them out and deposit them to make room. Either that or they all OD’ed. This is supposed to be a sign that the problem is dwindling.

    I’m gonna go ahead and recommended it if you haven’t tried it. You’ll be inviting them in for a while but I do think in the long term it’ll get rid of them.

    I feel like Terro should now pay me for endorsements.

  2. We sprinkle ground cinnamon & cayenne pepper where we find them coming in, seems to help if you can find their source. Vinegar is a good tip too, I hear they leave scent trails to help them follow one another, perhaps cleaning overall with a vinegar solution will be beneficial as well (we will be doing that ourselves to see if it helps).

  3. Anyone else have centipede/millipede looking things crawling around? Every year around this time, I see them on my walls and scurrying around my house. They are so long and gross!

  4. Its embarrassing because when I have company over, they seem to come out and show face and say hello. I tell them its a “Long Beach” bug that comes around every year, and its not because my house is dirty..but the look on their faces isn’t approving lol. Its horrible to kill them! What species is this damn thing?

  5. I had one of those 2 weeks ago! Fortunately it was in my tub and I just turned on the water and washed it down the drain. When I lived in Freeport I had a problem with sprickets (cross between a spider and a cricket). Now THOSE were nasty!! I swear they drink the Raid and laugh.

  6. yep…common house centipede…cept they only seem to be common in LB. Yet another city-wide epidemic.

    Cinnamon and a bunch of other spices are said to repel ants, but, unfortunately, i’ve not had much success with them. I’ve also gone the Borax/Water route, but can’t say it’s really eliminated the problem…only killed off a chunck of the population.

    Though I’m typically and environmentally friendly kinda guy, my lady wasn’t having the annual springtime ant invasion this year, so I took the chemical route. Two days of squirting a little bit of Combat ‘Source Kill Max’ where the ants where getting in and my problem was no more. As much as I hate to use chemicals that could end up in the water or something, I’ve gotta admit, this stuff worked amazingly well. Applied a grand total of no more than a teaspoon of the stuff and no more ants.

    Good luck all.

  7. I’ve been using Amdro for about 5 years now and it seems to do the trick. Not a fan of chemicals, but those little buggers were chomping down on my house so I gave in. I sprinkle it around the foundation every spring and in about a week they’re gone.

    Those leg bugs really freak me out. On a positive note, all those phone books that show up on my porch make great bug squashers!

  8. LBri, I’m impressed that you actually found out the name of those leggy bugs. Perhaps I’ll work on a new photoshop movie poster? Attack of the Tapinoma Sessile! haha

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