Nikon at Jones Beach Theater: Your Summer Concert Guide


Because it’s just a barrier island away, I consider the Jones Beach Theater as part of our Long Beach summer entertainment. This might be somewhat of a free advertisement for, but who cares. Perhaps they will give me a percentage of ticket sales?

Tickets can be purchased @ All *just announced* shows go on sale Saturday, May 5 at 10am, and the box office at the venue will officially be open for the season.

Just a few notes as I scroll down this list: Iron Maiden will be touring with Alice Cooper. Will John Stamos be the Beach Boys drummer? Catch Def Leppard before they lose another band member. If Phish were spelled Fish, I would maybe listen to them. I would go to the Identity Festival, but I’m not sure if I belong there. Journey still cashing in on the “Don’t Stop Believin'” Sopranos finale. Who’s Kelly Clarkson?

5 Replies to “Nikon at Jones Beach Theater: Your Summer Concert Guide”

  1. It’s not even a 80’s thing, it is a bunch of middle of the road bands with no edge…a bunch of easy listening crap. Granted, most bands like Foo FIghters, STP & Pearl Jam won’t play there anymore due to the high tkt prices and Nazi regime security that won’t allow standing, smoking, drinking…you know, all the things that make a concert fun!

  2. Here is a list of bands that are on the road this summer that are NOT playing JB…
    Rage against the Machine, Foo, STP, Pearl Jam, Rush, Aerosmith, Radiohead, Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, Jack White….they did just add System of a Down though…not my favorite, but at least it has some edge !

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