[Adjusted Rumor Alert] Gentle Brew Coffee Still Coming to Long Beach, But…..

Gentle Brew Coffee is not taking over Coffee Nut Cafe. REPEAT: Gentle Brew Coffee is not taking over Coffee Nut Cafe.

I hear a lot of rumors. I don’t post 99.9% of them. But when it comes from a extremely reliable source or multiple sources, it makes me think (and post). In the past, I wrote about how Gentle Brew Coffee was going to take over the Coffee Nut Cafe (250 East Park Avenue) lease and move right in. I am now hearing that is no longer the case.

As far as I know, Coffee Nut Cafe will remain open for business @ 250 East Park Avenue, while Gentle Brew takes over the old Krazy Kiwi (151 E Park Ave) spot. This is just west of the Long Beach Cinemas. I was told that Gentle Brew wants to create a “really cool place with a modern/country decor.” It should be open by June, 2012. You can currently purchase Gentle Brew coffee over at the Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market.

Four coffee places (Starbucks, Coffee Nut, Gentle Brew & Dunkin Donuts) on Park Avenue? Hmm… Long Beach is starting to look more like Seattle and I am liking it! I’ll dig into this little ‘rumor’ further and will update with more info once I get it.


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11 thoughts on “[Adjusted Rumor Alert] Gentle Brew Coffee Still Coming to Long Beach, But…..”

  1. What is modern/country decor?

    I assume that building is haunted or something… nothing can last in that spot. I can’t imagine this place would thrive there. Not enough foot traffic and people won’t be circling to find parking for a cup of Joe when they can cross the bridge and drivethru Starbucks.

    I hope it lasts… Just doubt it will.

  2. Also there is Starbucks inside Waldbaums which is weird. I go to Coffee Nut Cafe when I want a peaceful place to read and have a good cup of coffee

  3. I think modern/country is that new style that is popping up all over the place, but people aren’t sure just how to label it: Wood floors, subway style tiles, organic looking. Very clean. Think: Crate and Barrel maybe?

    I too am worried about the foot traffic at that spot. They are going to have to make the place kind of amazing. Maybe copy Sip This in Valley Stream – have events, bands, trivia, etc.

  4. Gentle Brew will be Special. They will be the only Coffee house that will be fresh roasting their coffee beans On The Spot. (Their coffee is also Fair Trade, so you don’t have to feel guilty about children getting under payed and working 16 hours in the sun without a meal to provide the other brewers with their beans). No BS. I think that’s important.
    I don’t detract what you said Brian, The foot traffic will be challenging. I feel that if Gentle Brew does it right and offers a chess club (I know Starbucks has one on Thursday nights), open mic nights, they just have to it right. And they can make a great Post Cinema Destination for those being let out of movies right down the block.
    When I hear Organic country styling, I instantly think of Patagonia 😀

  5. I gave coffee nut more than enough chances-It’s the only place I’ve ever gone to that made a hot latte and poured it over ice and handed it to me as an iced latte. Really? And you’re one of the owners? I ordered an iced espresso about 3 weeks ago and the lady handed me a hot one, I look down in the paper cup and let her know that not only did I say iced but there was NO crema! And you call yourselves a coffee shop? There’s no surface tension between the water molecules! Seriously, check your grind it probably needs to be coarser and then reevaluate how you’re storing your beans.

    And for the prices you’re charging you can put the soy milk in my coffee for me.

  6. Gentle Brew had a (table? tent? canopy? What do you call those things?) at the season opening of the Farmer’s Market this morning, and I stopped by before the bike auction. At first I was dissappointed that the only coffee they were serving was an espresso blend, but decided to try it anyway. It was seriously one of the best cups of coffee I’ve had. Much better than Starbucks accross the small street. (I’ve tried many times but just never been a fan of the coffee or service at Coffee Nut). And only $2!

    I agree about the poor location, but I for one can’t wait now til they open.

  7. Yes, Gentle Brew’s been at the Farmer’s Market since last year. Great group of young entrepreneurs! I hope they do well. Oh, and I love their coffee too.

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