Various City of Long Beach Website updates: Community Updates, Tax Cap Override Video, Rec is temp closed, Magnolia Playground is temp closed

A lot is happening in our city by the sea.

  1. First, check out the Spring 2012 Community Update (PDF – Spring_2012_Community_Update), which is the new gang’s version of the last gang’s LB Citybeat. Yes? No? Yes? Yes.
  2. For those who are dying to watch the City of Long Beach override New York State’s 2% tax cap, you’re in luck!  The May 1st, 2012 City Council Meeting Video has been posted. PLEASE BEWARE: Ustream advertisements will blast your ears if you click that link. Well, it did for me.
  3. Long Beach Recreation Center Closed Temporarily. I keep getting emails about the roof practically collapsing over at the City Recreation Center and I appologize for not following up. The City updates us: The Long Beach Recreation Center has been closed temporarily as a precaution due to this morning’s thunder storm. Crews are currently repairing weather-related damage, and the Recreation Center will re-open as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
  4. Magnolia Boulevard Playground Closed for Renovations. I took this photo yesterday with my new seabythecity Instagram account, so find me on there and add me! Search for: seabythecity.  

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