Long Beach Waterfront Warriors Fundraiser at Lola’s Kitchen and Wine Bar [Event Reminder]

Long Beach Waterfront Warriors Fundraiser
Monday, May 7th, 2012 @ 6 pm – 9 pm
Lola’s Kitchen and Wine Bar
180 W Park Ave
Long Beach,NY 11561

ALL ARE WELCOME! View the event flier on the bottom of this page, or visit Long Beach Waterfront Warriors online @ www.lbwaterfrontwarriors.org.

Jamie Lynch, the Co-Chair of the Long Beach Waterfront Warriors send me an update of this year’s events and an outline of what the organization is all about:

This year we will be hosting 30 service members and their families from Walter Reed – July 20th – July 26th.  We have planned various activities which include fishing, surfing, a trip to NYC, kayaking, and other activities and the highlight this year will be our service members being honored at the Mets/Nationals game on July 23rd.  As always, the welcome parade and BBQ is a big hit and draws the entire community out to honor our heroes.  This year’s welcome is scheduled for Sunday, July 22nd.

Our efforts to achieve these goals of transporting service members and their families and to fund the activities requires us to reach out to the public for their financial support. Additionally, there are many ways for the public to get involved.  Those wishing to donate their home to host a service member and their family, to be a liaison, or to volunteer their time during the visit is always greatly appreciated.  There are many avenues for people to get involved, and we encourage this….what more noble a cause is there then to give back to those who put their life on the line for us?  Our organization is in its 4th year and has been very successful and is growing, yet this only happens with the support from our Long Beach family.

Thus far, with the support of the Long Beach community, we have been able to support hundreds of service members and their families.  In addition to providing Walter Reed service members an annual vacation in Long Beach, we have also been able to benefit the North Port VA by assisting with the rehabilitation of their recreation facility, providing computer and Internet access and assisting with funding a sports rehabilitation trip to Colorado.  Additionally, we have sent over 1,000 care packages overseas to our service members during the holidays, and most recently received and fulfilled a request for supplies from the 82nd Airborne (we must be doing something right if we get a call from the 82nd Airborne!).

Our organization is a completely volunteer based group with 95% of donations going back to service members.  We encourage everyone to visit our web site  –  www.lbwaterfrontwarriors.org  –  and to help us continue to grow and give back to those who deserve much more.

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