Monroe/LB Blvd Mall Beautification, “Minor” Lot Development, Bike Stencil Comparison & Combination [INSTAGRAM]

I mentioned in a previous post how Seabythecity is now on instagram, which is a social photography app that is available for both the iphone and android. I’m not going to be annoying and abuse it, but I’ll casually snap a photo or two of stuff that peaks my interest. You can actually view all the photos on tumblr where they automatically get dump:, or just add me on instagram by downloading the app (iphone,android) and searching for seabythecity. How’s that for social networking?

Here are a few photos:

Monroe/LB Blvd Mall Beautification: This week we have a new addition at the Monroe Blvd / Long Beach Blvd Parking mall on E. Park Avenue (you know, the one that has us scratching our heads).

As you can see in the photo below, a giant anchor and cleat (nautical, not footwear) appeared unexpectedly. There are actually two sets of these: one at each end of the parking mall. Whoever was responsible for bringing this to Long Beach, keep it up. We desperately need more random art scattered around town. Bonus Points goes to the city for not making it look like a memorial. Or was that Nassau County’s idea, since they own those malls? Either way, I like it.

Other parking/grass mall beautification ideas: Rowboat planters, a giant statue of neptune (like on our city seal); a giant statue of a mermaid (like on our city seal.) Oh, I think I wrote about that already: Read – Mermaids, Neptune, “Save the Clock Tower” & the City Seal (april 2011).

“Minor” Lot Development: Yeah, I’m talking about that empty lot next to the Allegria Hotel. In August we learned how it was purchased by the owners of Aqua on the Ocean (read – Aqua on the Ocean Owners Get A Lot). Besides a few trucks during Quiksilver Pro, that lot hasn’t seen any action since then, until this sign was erected. While it’s still unclear what the owners plan on doing with the lot, I just thought it was funny seeing this giant billboard smacked right in the middle. Maybe I’ll talk to the owners and see if I can get a Seabythecity billboard there too.

Bike Stencil Comparisons: I just thought it would be fun to compare some bike stencils. The first image is from the boardwalk, while the second was given to us by DecoBike: Read – Here Come The Bike Lanes (Updated: Stenciled Bikes By The Sea).

Isn’t this fun? yaawwn….  Well actually…While the first image has a person, two wheels and no bike. The second image has a bike with no person. Let’s combine them into the ultimate bike stencil: 


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  1. I walked by the anchor and cleat thing today and thought about snapping a pic to send to you. Weird it’s like we’re on the same cosmic level or something.

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