For those wondering what is being filmed around town… [Television]

(Photo credit:, summer 2011)

A few of you have been asking what’s being filmed around town. Taken from a filming locations website is the following:

Royal Pains is filming around Park Ave and Grand Blvd Long Beach.

Royal Pains: RT @Kamari102 @olv Any idea what is filming on the corner of Broadway & Magnolia in Long Beach NY today?  (Source – Monday, May 14: Filming Locations in NYC, L.A., New Orleans & more including Admission, Blood Ties, & Suits)

So what is it? Grand Blvd or Magnolia? I also heard Lola’s (180 W Park Ave) was in the mix… Either case, this isn’t the first time Royal Pains has been shot in Long Beach. Various other locations include the boardwalk, beach and Dairy Barn. Is this show even any good? And does Long Beach profit from shows/movies being filmed here or does Nassau County hold that grip? Our seabythecity staff is looking into it…


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