REPORT: Long Beach to lay off 67, officials say [NEWSDAY]

Hot off the presses, Newsday is reporting that the City of Long Beach plans to layoff 67 city workers, in an effort save some serious cash:

“The layoffs, which will affect 25 full-time workers and 42 part-time employees across several departments, will save the city $2.58 million this year, City Manager Jack Schnirman said.

…The staff reduction will be detailed during tonight’s budget presentation; the 2012-13 budget proposal will be the subject of a public hearing at City Hall, Schnirman said.

Long Beach will also remove 69 inactive employees from the city’s books, he said. The city has 1,656 employees, full and part time.  

(Source – NEWSDAY: Long Beach to lay off 67, officials say)

What do you folks think? Is it not enough? Too much? Too late? Head over to Newsday to read the full aricle. Tonight’s City Council Meeting is gonna be .. interesting.


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28 thoughts on “REPORT: Long Beach to lay off 67, officials say [NEWSDAY]”

  1. It’s not the person making 10 dollars an hr that needs to be laid off. The city needs to have city workers pay for benefits and more to pensions. Also the 4.75% raise should not be given this year.

  2. No mention of any savings via the cops. Management now contributes to their health benifits and saves the City $ 40,000. Tangey gets a $ 40,000 raise in the proposed budget ! Schnirman proposes to cut the hourly workers by half . These people make an average of $10 an hour and get no benifits if they don’t work they don’t get paid, no holiday pay (they loose a days pay on holidays), no sick days, no pension and no OT. As usual the little guy gets the shaft. Get rid of Karri and all the hourlys will keep their jobs. Fire Dept union wont fight fot the laid off new Firemen because with them gone the overtime for the rank and file returns. 18 months and these guys are gone but they are doing serious damage right now. Dump Schnirman, audit Tagneys termination package and start looking for canidates for City Council now!

  3. residents are getting “the shaft”, no one else. 1656 employees. 67 doesn’t make a dent. these guys are jokers or the unions are not helping the city. why would we look for new candidates now? so we do nothing these 2 yrs? so new candidates can stuff the taxed even more? you do know the history of this burg, no?

  4. Would love to know where the cuts are, what departments. This is a start but more cuts and more efficiencies need to be made. Our teachers and police officers are OVERPAID.

  5. In the Newsday article it states: “The layoffs will be handled by seniority, he said. Among the affected departments are the department of public works — which includes sanitation, street maintenance and water maintenance — the transportation department and the fire department, he (Schnirman) said.”

    My solution would be to fire the worst performers and give a raise to the top performers. Keep your staff lean and make the best of what resources you have. Pay the top performers above the normal rate and keep them happy. This will result in better services/lifestyle for us; the citizens of Long Beach.

    Our city government has a balance sheet, therefore it should be treated as a business. Layoffs are common and in certain cases it’s required to move forward.

    This is a short term solution that will lead to nothing. The result of a staffing analysis should to be fire the worst performers, not the people with the highest seniority.

  6. You are right.. to bad union contracts won’t let you do that! Laying off sanitation workers is a very bad idea this place is a mess with them imagine how trashy it will be without the workers!

  7. 1656 employees ? The City of Long Beach has about 300. Look at where the layoffs are coming from sanitation, street maintenance, beach maintenance all the little guys! No cops ,no top administrators none of their newly appointed friends. Cmon Mike Cruz is still in the budget. This place is a joke!!!

  8. if they lay off any cops and firefighters, might they game the system so that any taxpayer savings would be subsequently be made up for in OT?

  9. I believe it is possible the City can get abused through overtime because of layoffs and manning requirements, but I understand there are things that can be done from the City’s side to counter that. The labor leaders can help the City here, too. If they don’t, the City should take all steps necessary to make it right from the residents’ perspective. Lower overall headcount is needed, fewer supervisory positions to worker positions, mandatory medical contributions, mandatory pension contributions for new hires, adjustment to paid days off and hour requirements per year, limits to carryover, rewards for efficiency, etc.

  10. The acting chief of police makes around $180,000 down from $220,000. Comissioner Kelly of NYC has 40,000 officers under him and makes $205,000. How is that for a scale.

  11. ‎***Attention all Long Beach Residents-Please Read and Repost***. The City is faced with many tough decisions in this fiscal climate, yet laying off 5 firefighters is not the answer, The administration will listen to the public, let them know that you don’t want a reduction in public safety! There are other alternatives, especially right before the Busy Summer! How long would you like to WAIT for a fire truck or ambulance to show up to your 911 call?? These layoffs will result in a reduction of response! Come to the Council Budget Meeting tonight and support the Fire Dept.

  12. Long Beach is the busiest fire department on Long Island totaling 4745 calls in 2011. People should be very afraid if they cut these 5 men when they couldn’t even handle the fire this morning. Every citizen should protect their firefighters, like they protect the City…without reservation. They need our support!

    The 5 firemen just recently saved a life on duty and continue to run on ambulance calls all day long. If you get rid of these 5 men, one of the ambulances has to stop working and that will affect the entire community.

  13. We should take the following measure immediately: 1) educate our citizens so they start less fires, 2) ensure that the fire department salaries and benefits are in line with those of paid departments in other, comparable Municipalities. That would be greaaaaaaaaaat….

  14. Can someone please explain to me why the only department not taking a hit is the police? The most expensive department and nothing….. If you reduce police salary by 10% how many sanitation guys could the city save?

  15. LBPD better wake up cause the gravy train is going to come to a complete stop. The meeting last night showed that the city council and the voters will not stand for their bloated salaries, on top of the fact that half of the PD are managerial and not on the street. Cut the PD staff by 30% and that 30% should come from the top level brass!

  16. NYPD considers all those at the rank of Captain and above management. No OT. Any LB PD with a rank of LT should be excluded from OT and should be considered management. As management they should be required to contribute to their health benifits like everyone else in management . You can’t have it both ways guys, you want the big bucks you give up PBA protection and join the ranks of all other managers in LB.

  17. 16% Tax Increase for LB Taxpayers ; Another “Sweetheart Deal” for Adelson, Mandel, Torres Supporter!

    Long Beach PBA President & Dem Supporter Secretly Gets $100,000.00 Taxpayer Award- Despite “Fiscal Crisis”

  18. Too many csea and non csea low paid workers. these cuts are needed. who’s cut is by agreement or law. but homeowners, renters and shop owners and low paid workers SHOULD NOT take the “medicine” alone. fat cats need to take some medicine. Sucks that fire is being cut but WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY. Police and extra exempts at high pay MUST GO TOO or give back BIG!!!!

  19. I think we did okay before without them. All kudos to LBFD but really now don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Like flood insurance, I’ll take my chances

  20. Schnirman says we have no money and proposes that Tagney gets a $40,000 raise as of July1st. The cops will never give up anything ! All give backs will come at the expense of the CSEA and the hourlys. Dems will never force a confrontation with the police because the PBA endorsed them thats the bottom line!

  21. joe — I agree and state again there are too many csea and non csea low paid workers. so these cuts are needed. but homeowners, renters and shop owners and low paid workers SHOULD NOT take the “medicine” alone. fat cats need to take some medicine. Sucks that fire is being cut but WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY. Police and extra exempts at high pay MUST GO TOO or give back BIG!!!! And there should certainly be no “raises” – contract-based or otherwise.

  22. did you think it was such a joke, “JOE”, when they gave your family members jobs or gave you unwarranted raises in spite of your lack of a college degree and ineptitude in your “position”

    Republicans were the worst…….. sorry you’re on the outside now LOSER


    Citizen interest and pressure are the only way things at least HAVE A CHANCE of getting better. I don’t care what party is in power. I care about my City and my taxes and my embarrassing and unsafe streets, and vacant storefronts, and a disgraceful boardwalk, and unmaintained, let alone planted, grass malls, decrepit sewer system, ugly northside waterfront. Leaders of this City over many, many years ignored the important stuff (look at the capital improvement plans of the last couple administrations — there is no dispute about the big things that NEED to be done), while mudslinging, feathering their own (and friends’) nests, entering labor contracts abusive to the City and easily subject to abuse and manipulation. We have who we have in City Hall and they need to be pressed every week to do what is right for the City. They work for US, not labor, not the political bosses.

    Show up tonight (Tuesday, May 22) and let City Hall know they have to fix this cost structure problem NOW, not bow to labor or political boss pressure.

  24. Get rid of the ENTIRE paid FD. We don’t need it. LB is the ONLY town on all of Long Island with a paid FD. We can save $5 million right then and there!

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