Filming Brings Revenue to The City of Long Beach

Guest author, Liz Treston,  spoke with Gordon Tepper about filming in Long Beach:

When Anthony posed the question: “Creative Ways the City Could Make some Cash”,  I could not think of anything inventive or out of the box. I did happen to see Royal Pains filming this past Monday and figured the City should be getting some revenue in filming permits like NYC does.

We do! I spoke with Mr. Tepper, Director of Communications at City Hall and Long Beach is becoming a more popular place to film. MTV was here a couple of months ago and there are tentative plans for a commercial shoot during the summer.

Here is a basic breakdown of fees.

  • There’s a non-refundable 75.00 application fee.
  • Still Shoot: $400 less than 4 hours/ $125 each additional hour (per location per day)
  • Movie/TV/Commercial Video or Motion Picture: $600 – 1⁄2 day and $1,500 full day (per location per day)
  • Prep and Strike Fees: ($100-$1000) to be determined based on shoot
  • PARKING: $25 ea. car/van, $75 ea. standard truck/motor home Trailers – to be determined.

Additional requirements including use of City facilities, i.e., fishing pier, ice rink, skate board park, etc. or use of police or other personnel to be determined during application review (Application Link).

In comparison to NYC, we don’t have crews filming everyday, so I don’t think this will solve our fiscal crisis, but it is exciting to see cameras and lights on our beaches. If you watch Royal Pains, it is a cable show on USA about a concierge doctor to the mega wealthy in the Hamptons. Long Beach makes an excellent backdrop for the production company.  The New season of Royal Pains begins in June. Maybe your house or neighbor is in the background!

This is an additional source of revenue for the City. Perhaps one day we will have our own office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting or you may get called to do a walk on role!


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