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Hello Neighbors,

OK let’s get started. Most importantly I hope all of you and yours are well! It has been a while since I’ve written you, but rest assured we have been working with plenty of things shakin’. We began last month’s “kickoff” meeting with Scott Bochner of Sludge Stoppers. Scott explained the acute dumping and treatment problem we face right here in our surrounding waters. The very same water we sooo enjoy frolicking and surfing in. Go to Sludge Stoppers Task Force on Facebook for more information. As I said, we have working with City Manager Schnirman and Public Works Commissioner LaCarrubba on several fronts. I’m happy to say with some compromise on both sides we have a bathroom facility at the Georgia Spray Park. Thanks to all you folks who signed our petition presented to the City Council by WENCA Quality of Life Director Jerry Romanoff. Your support is necessary to bring about positive results. We are refurbishing the Oceanview planter boxes in a joint effort with the City’s Beach Maintenance Department.  It’ll give a fresh, brighter look to our “boardwalk”. Also on tap is a program designed to ease the appearance of the many vacant storefronts we have. So you artists out there be ready, we’ll have more details in the very near future.

If you take a good look around you’ll notice some things are being done. Roadwork and repairs are ongoing, with Florida Street just completed (ahead of schedule). The bicycle path has been stenciled throughout the city for the forthcoming DecoBike program. Boardwalk maintenance crews are now working 7 days a week in an effort to meet the constant demand for repairs. Best of all… at NO OVERTIME due to revamped work schedules. Our street cleaners are out on a regular schedule as well as, the street sweeping truck. The Sanitation pickup schedule is being changed to rid Beech Street of late night garbage so it’s off the streets by 7am. This is a needed and welcome change.

With the summer season upon us, our scheduled guest speakers will be Police Commissioner Tangney and Chief of Lifeguards and Surf program Paul Gillespie. We know you have questions and concerns, so who better to get the answers from?

Please come out Wednesday, May 23rd @ 7pm. West End Community Center on Maryland Avenue.

Take Care,



I would be remiss not to mention that the second and FINAL hearing on the City Budget is TODAY (TUESDAY) at 7PM.  Please attend.  The City Manager and Council need to see and hear from the TAXPAYER.  If all the seats are occupied by, and all the hoots an hollers come from, labor, it does NOT present a balanced view to the Manager and Council.  They need our support/pressure to:

1.  Address our runaway employee costs
2.  Take permanent steps to right the ship
3.  Not kick the can down the road
4.  Not balance this budget by looking to the taxpayer to solve the problem

If you WANT your taxes to only ever go to employee costs AND NOT improving the infrastructure of your City, do nothing.

If you want to help get things moving in the right direction, SHOW UP AND SPEAK UP.  Tell the Council that RAISING TAXES IS NOT THE ANSWER.  CUTTING COSTS, WITH OR WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE UNIONS, IS THE ONLY ANSWER.


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8 thoughts on “West End Neighbors Civic Association Updates”

  1. I’m so confused. I come to this site quite regularly, and just when I think I’ve wrapped my head around what’s going on in the city, WENCA chips in their own perspective which I have to admit, more often than not is in direct contravention to what everything else is saying.

    Ok, my understanding was that the cleaner streets are the handiwork of the ladies who started the Beautification Committee. I’ve read a number of pieces from Mary Ellen Pollina about how her and Judy Rudnic were lighting a fire under the city’s behind. And lo and behold..cleaner streets!

    WENCA has been around for years and I’ve never heard word 1 from them about making clean streets and boardwalk maintenance a priority. Until the dirty work, (literally), had already been done by the WEBA ladies.

    I’ve held my tongue when it comes to a lot of the things that go on in the City, but this post struck a nerve. I may not always agree with LB politics, but as they say, ya can’t fight city hall. But I certainly can speak up against this blatant rejection of basic integrity.

    WENCA, you’re fooling no one. Long Beach residents are smarter than you apparently believe them to be, and claiming credit for work you had no role in will not make the city’s improvements your doing.

    So if tomorrow you decide to cheerfully pat yourselves on the back for telling Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, go right ahead. It will change nothing…and from I’ve seen (or not seen, actually) “changing nothing” is what WENCA does best.

  2. Bingo.
    I post them as I get them. I was going to do a followup article saying exactly what you wrote, but I got swamped at work. Perhaps I will tomorrow……

  3. This City is going to the dogs and we’re gonna argue like children about Wenca and Weba.
    Maybe that explains it all!

  4. David,

    I understand your point as WEBA has done a wonderful job of getting their voice heard and things done. I also agree with you that WENCA has much to be desired , could do so much more, and definitely made some mistakes when they got involved politically. However, WENCA has done a lot over the years to improve our neighborhood and needs to continue their hard work.

    I truly believe that WEBA has raised the bar on community involvement / beautification and I hope WENCA sees this as a challenge to step up their game as well. I think we as residents can only benefit from two separate organizations trying to better our town and hope that both organizations can succeed in their objectives competitively, but not at odds with each other.

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