Blog Rant, Deconstructing WENCA Letter & Thanking WEBA, A Beautification Battle Brewing?

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SITE NEWS: While some of you want nothing, but budget talk on this blog, you can find plenty on that topic over at the LB Patch & LB Herald. That is, unless one of my fellow SBC writers care to write about it here. I just have no time to repeat what paid folks are writing elsewhere. Quite frankly, I’m getting burnt out on budget talk. Death & taxes are guarantees in life; Cost of living increase should be added to that too. Yeah, I know the budget is important. That’s why I still read those articles elsewhere and you should too. But please don’t email and yell at me for not doing my job. I didn’t get into the blog business to solely talk about numbers. This blog will forever be a diary of Long Beach; the dirt, the weird stuff; a commentary of what’s going on in our city by the sea. Not all of that involves the budget. Sorry.



DECONSTRUCTING West End Neighbors Civic Association (WENCA) LETTER:

There were some comments regarding the WENCA letter that I posted the other day. While I have absolutely nothing personal against the folks over at WENCA, some of you felt they were taking credit for stuff they had nothing to do with. I’m not sure if it was intentional or just the way the letter read, but it did seem odd. For example, it starts off by saying “If you take a good look around you’ll notice some things are being done.” A number of items are then listed, including: DecoBike Stencils on Oceanview, boardwalk repairs, work schedules revamped, etc.Those seem pretty obvious, but what about late night sanitation?

The Sanitation pickup schedule is being changed to rid Beech Street of late night garbage so it’s off the streets by 7am. This is a needed and welcome change.

Maybe they should of at least given credit to the West End Beautification Association (WEBA) for making that happen. Mary Ellen, Judy and the west of the WEBA crew worked really hard on that issue, so they deserve a big thanks. Maybe not just from WENCA, but from all of us. Thank you West End Beautification Association!  (Here is the sanitation document, for those who collect this kind of stuff: Sanitation Document.pdf)

There were some beautification items also mentioned in WENCA’s letter. While they have always been involved with beautifying the West End, it appears to me that the recent WEBA push has woken WENCA up a little (Oceanview planters, artists involvement, appearance of vacant store facades). Do we see a beautification battle brewing? Hey, any battle that involves the word ‘beauty’ is a win for all in my book.

STOP THE PRESSES! Jedi Master Yoda just called and said “Begun, the West End Beautification war has.” Yes, Master Yoda. Begun it has. This could get interesting.

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