No Charge to Lock Your Own Bike (How Rumors Spread and Untruths)

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Rumors fly faster in Long Beach because despite our City status we’re a town of 35,000 give or take.  Everyone knows someone, so when a fellow dog walker asked if I heard that the City would be charging 1 dollar for those of you that ride your own bikes to the train and lock them up I said “No, I had not”.

As I said, rumors fly quickly around here.  From the commuters on the LIRR to the family dinner table to the Oceanview dog walk routine this rumor had become a fact. You may have even heard an more embellished story.  There’s so much mud slinging of they said, she said it’s time to just ask the source.  In this case the City.

I emailed the City manager, Jack Schnirman, this morning and received a prompt and polite answer as to whether bike riders would begin being charged to park there bikes.

Ms. Treston,

With regard to your question, this would be a rumor.  Deco Bikes has installed a kiosk at the train

station but this is solely for the rental of bikes.

Thank you,

Jack Schnirman

City Manager


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5 thoughts on “No Charge to Lock Your Own Bike (How Rumors Spread and Untruths)”

  1. Tagney is pushing for the rental fee for bike parking spots to offset his $40,000 raise and the OT necessary to cover the train station area ( now necessary due to the shooting last week). If you start seeing cops around the train station you can be sure it si going to cost us!

  2. Honestly, why, WHY Would police at the train station cost anything extra? ? It’s pathetic number one that the person who fired a fire arm was a Long Beach resident and knows full well that the LBPD Station is in ears distance (250 yards) away from the train station. I’m getting off my soap box now (As I’m sure someone is going to step up on it afterwards and grandstand about the Ian Sharrin and Evan Potts fiasco..but preemptively tid for tatting, that was farther away than ear distance).

  3. If the cops get out of their cars in bad weather they want more money. Trust me if you see more cops at the station we will be paying more for it!

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