DecoBike Kiosks Going Up. Bikes Come This Sunday. (UPDATED)

(Decobike kiosk located on the boardwalk between Franklin & Neptune Blvds)

UPDATED May 27th:

The Decobike Long Beach website is now live ( There you can find additional info, an interactive map of kiosk locations, as well as a more elaborate pricing scheme, which includes Monthly Bikepass Memberships:


(May 26th) You might of noticed the Decobike kiosks being installed all over Long Beach. I spoke to a Decobike technician who said the bikes should come as early as Sunday morning. As you can tell in one of the photos, the prices are set:

  • 30 Minute Access = $4
  • 1 Hour Access = $6
  • 2 Hour Access = $8
  • 4 Hour Access = $18
  • 8 Hour Access = $24

Or, if your thrifty, search on and buy a your own bike for under 50 bucks. Those usually come with unlimited hour access.



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26 thoughts on “DecoBike Kiosks Going Up. Bikes Come This Sunday. (UPDATED)”

  1. Unfortunately I have to agree with Allison. I wish it would be a success but I don’t see how or why it is necessary or useful here in Long Beach. There’s a nice editorial in the NY Times today talking about how bikes are used in European cities and how they can be a boon in NYC

    But all it does to me is point up all the reasons why we don’t need it and it won’t work here.
    Now,… if there was a bike lane from here that went to Trader Joes or Ralphs or Wild by Nature or Pops or JoJo Apples,… that might make more sense.

  2. Get that CRAP off our Boardwalk, why do these people have the right o commercialize our boardwalk and fill it with their messy advertizements etc.?

  3. This seems to be just another way to make our city messed up, why do this with the hard working folks who have been around here running their Bike rental stores for years and years? Why put them out of business because of a hairbrained idea to put a few bucks in the city. Instead of going after the guys who are cheating the city out of tax’s owed. etc.
    This seems to be a stupid idea from the get-go. More clutter on the Boardwalk and on the Street corners as I just seen on Edwards where they cut out a section of the grass to lay concrete and install one of these units.

  4. If Deco makes biking in LB more popular for adults and we get more (real) bike lanes and more merchants put stands to lock your bike up around town, then in the long run, local bike merchants will profit by more people buying bikes (vs. renting them).

    And in the meanwhile Deco will fold up and go out of business because there just will not be enough business to support them.

  5. Cluttered boardwalk? Are you kidding me? The only thing this boardwalk is cluttered with is dirty bathrooms, and no clean place to get a decent meal to eat….
    Bravo Deco Bike …Welcome to Long Beach
    We support you! It’s the cleanest thing on the Boardwalk….
    Cluttered boardwalk my ass…
    How about that white trash craft fair every year….that is cluttered

  6. I agree with chuck! This promotes biking in general, best thing to come to our city in a long time. Every major city will have a bike share program within the next couple years. We are lucky to be one of the first to get it in this area! Everyone I know thinks it’s a great idea! I know this will work here.. You will see… All of you who are putting this down…Keep Hating… Keep being negative.. Let’s see where that takes you.. It looks great on our boardwalk!

  7. I can’t speak for today, but as of yesterday there appears to be only a couple of bikes in circulation so far. I wonder what’s taking these guys so long. They just missed memorial day weekend….

  8. “One of the founders of DecoBikes (sic) is acquainted with Mr. Murphy,” Theofan’s letter explains. “Because of the many similarities between Long Beach and Miami Beach, Mr. Murphy suggested to him that Deco’s Miami operation would be a perfect fit here. Mr. Murphy is the son-in-law of Noreen Costello, neither of which have any financial interest in Deco Bikes.”

    Theofan proving himself again to be a repetitive liar. Shameful.

  9. I think you should talk to Corp Counsel on this matter, last time I heard you cannot ride a bike on the sidewalk in LB. I even know people that have received a ticket for riding on the sidewalk.

  10. Thought this was interesting

    Can the Police stop me if I try to leave the City of Long Beach on a DECOBIKE?

    Yes. Long Beach Police and surrounding police departments are all authorized to stop and detain anyone trying to leave Long Beach on or with a DECOBIKES. It is a Felony to steal or destroy a DECOBIKES, and is punishable by at least one year in jail and/or a severe financial fine and civil action.

  11. In order to get arrested with a bike they actually need to supply the bikes. Really smart move for the DECOBIKES to miss one of the top 3 busiest weekends in all of LB. Smart business decisions all around. It’s sort of like opening up a high end hotel, without the pre-thought of needing a full service spa, for another aspect of revenue generation to help build a brand/company.

  12. how can you get arrested for taking it anywhere? you are already committed to a $650 replacement fee regardless…….

  13. Joe, actually the city code says that it is unlawful to ride a bicycle (or tricycle) on the sidewalk in a COMMERCIAL DISTRICT, so Decobike should clarify this response.

  14. Commish Tagney took care of this. Apparently in Miami you can ride on sidewalks and they didn’t bother to look at the citys codes. Extremely irresponsible of a bike share business.

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