A FOLLOW UP TO: Does Anybody Have Any Creative Ways for the City to Make Some Cash? (RESULTS)

Here is the original post: Does Anybody Have Any Creative Ways for the City to Make Some Cash? [Part of the “What do we want” Series]

Here are the results: I compiled a list of what you all said, sans the jokes (sorry folks). Sorry it took me so long. Better late than never, right? So what to do with all this? Well, a letter to the City Council and City Manager will eventually follow. I’ve been pretty damn busy with my private life lately, so I’ve been slacking, but I promise this list won’t go to waste. In the meantime, if you keep suggesting ideas, I’ll keep adding them. A few that were already suggested can somewhat be easily executed: Bed & Breakfasts (right? How hard can that be besides a few zoning changing…), food trucks on and off the boardwalk, Mini Golf  plus more activities and street fairs. Grand ideas such as a Performing Arts Center can’t happen overnight, but it puts the mindset out there and it’s fun to talk about.

Here are the top 10 most mentioned ideas (in no particular order):

  • Bed and Breakfasts (It will bring more people and more $$$$ to Long Beach. Instantly turn Long Beach into a tourist destination and give it more charm).
  • Food on the boardwalk / Food Trucks (But better quality food. Not the typical street fair carts.)
  • Make the Long Beach pretty and people will come (“Broken Window” Theory). This is a no-brainer.
  • Quiksilver Pro (Bring it back).
  • Performing Arts Center (Need private $, but the demand is there).
  • Improve the Recreation Center (Maybe great ideas are mentioned in the original post).
  • Develop the bay front of Long Beach: Marina, Restaurants, Water Taxies (Here is what it looks like now, in case you forgot).
  • More actives for the off season or bad weather (bowling anyone?)
  • Mini Golf (Revenue at 5 dollars a game would be $200,000. Cost to build $20,000. Sounds like a good profit to me.)
  • Redevelop: Build up, nicer more modern buildings (increase tax base)

The full list is below. Sorry in advance if I missed anything. The number in parenthesis represents amount of times that idea was mentioned. You’re going to see a lot of doubles, triples and quadruples of the same stuff; I just went down the list of comments and added them in chronological order. Food trucks & food on the boardwalk are kinda lumped into the same category: We basically just want more food options by the beach. Good food too: go to Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn and copy what’s going on there.

Taken from: Does Anybody Have Any Creative Ways for the City to Make Some Cash?:

  1. Banana boat rides, tricycle paddle “boats” and parasailing for flat days.
  2. “Food mall” at the base of Riverside Blvd. You could invite foodie trucks to park on the lot/foundation block for a fee.
  3. Food trucks (2)
  4. Street fairs. Let the restaurant owners offer food outside their establishments.
  5. Sell raffles at the summer craft fairs. Get some restaurants to donate free meals and raffle them off. The funds go straight to deficit reduction.
  6. Sell air rights to buildings on the ocean. Quickly raises $$ (AKA – Build up!)
  7. Bed & Breakfasts, allow them to operate in Long Beach.
  8. www.jumpskyhigh.com at the superblock
  9. Performing Arts Center
  10. Marina on the Bay front.
  11. Bed & Breakfasts (2)
  12. Rent Space on the boardwalk for food (3)
  13. Booze on the beach
  14. Enforce laws such as littering, not wearing helmets while cycling, etc.
  15. Quiksilver Pro
  16. Quiksilver Pro (2)
  17. Quiksilver Pro (3)
  18. Lower taxes for local small businesses to allow them to re-invest those savings into their business through advertising, higher quality products/services and employees.
  19. Bring main street to the boardwalk. Food on the boardwalk (4)
  20. Make people want to stay when it’s not summer time: Performing Arts Center (2), A real movie theater, Improve Rec Center
  21. Change Infrastructure: Knock down subsidize buildings and put up modern buildings that will allow for higher income FULL TIME residents.
  22. Mini-Golf summer revenue at 5 dollars a game 200,000. Cost to build 20,000.
  23. Food truck rally – charge a fee to the trucks have a bands and beer-garden. (5)
  24. Boardwalk concessions – real ones not the ice cream cart (6)
  25. Movie night on the beach and have local restaurants sell food for a fee or charge an admission or make it free would be fun
  26.  The Rec center should go see RVC rec programs and copy them. The tumble, roll around, boys club etc have to be making money. (2)
  27. Adopt-a-boardwalk: decided on what is the best materials that would last and ask corporations or individuals to sponsor a block. A sign etc can be posted and boardwalk will look great.
  28. Smaller Quiksilver Pro-like events
  29. Bed & Breakfasts (3)
  30. Develop the waterfront on the Bay front (2)
  31. Performing Arts Center (2)
  32. Upgrade the Rec Center (3)
  33. Quiksilver Pro (4)
  34. Open parking lots on the foundation block
  35. Tram service to restaurants
  36. Sell concerts on the beach
  37. Parking meters
  38. Commercial activity on the boardwalk (3)
  39. Bring more art to the city and beautify: They create a stronger sense of community and make a city more attractive and vibrant (read: brings in the dollars).
  40. Mini Golf (2)
  41. Mini Water Park
  42. Concession stands along the boardwalk (7)
  43. Super Block development – Mini-mall
  44. Super Block development – Bowling alley
  45. Super Block development – Performing Arts Center (3)
  46. The Bay front – Wharf with Water Taxis (3)
  47. The Bay front – Bay Boat rides (4)
  48. The Bay front – Bay front Grill (5)
  49. The Bay front –  Marina. (6)
  50. Quiksilver Pro (5)
  51. Bowling (2)
  52. laser tag, paintball etc.
  53. A giant inflatable slide on the beach
  54. Shops on the boardwalk.
  55. More fairs
  56. More modern buildings and more hotels (2)
  57. Superblock –  paid parking lot.
  58. Encourage the use of the city buses. Get visitors to not park near the beach.
  59. Utilize the ball fields by the Rec Center. Organize a soft ball league. Get local businesses to sponsor teams. This was very successful in Huntington. (4)
  60. Expand the fishing dock to accept boaters who would pay a docking fee. Marina? (7)
  61. You know those painted life size horse statues they have (mostly on the North Shore?). I’d love to see a competition to paint and decorate and design Boardwak Benches. I can see wildly colored ones, welded metal ones, new sinuous shapes, steampunk benches, surfboard shaped benches, double decker ones to match the double decker bikes on the Boardwalk. Then scatter them throughout town. It might not make money in itself, but the publicity could get Long Beach jumpstarted on the way to being a more hip, vibrant place for people to come to live or spend money.
  62. How about a Boardwalk fair for artists and artisanal food makers from Brooklyn? (8)
  63. Another vote for painted surfboards. (2)
  64. Beautify – Paint the ticket booths different colors
  65. Beautify – Paint the ticket booths different colors (2)
  66. Beautify – Paint the planters on Oceanview in the west End. Get HS students involved too.
  67. Storage lockers for rent $$$
  68. Charge people to walk their dogs on the beach during the winter.
  69. Have the city run a for profit volleyball league on the beach. They can make it cheaper and buy all new equipment for the players and thus it will be a win / win for everyone
  70. Dog owners would pay the money to be allowed to walk them on the beach (2)
  71. Need large projects, such as real estate development rights, water rights, surf rights
  72. You could sell our sewage treatment plant to the county or their new P3 provider and get your one shot, all you would need to do is hook us up to Bay Park
  73. Restaurant food competition.

And the Funniest Idea award goes to Allison Box: The city calendar should scrap the boring pictures submitted by residents and go for full spreads of administrators in provocative poses around the city and charge for the calenders. 


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10 thoughts on “A FOLLOW UP TO: Does Anybody Have Any Creative Ways for the City to Make Some Cash? (RESULTS)”

  1. The simplest way (and not at all creative) to raise cash is to enforce quality of life issues by handing out large fines to the offenders. With summer starting again, I have noticed all the same problems ( noise violations at bars, blatant open containers in large groups wandering from bar to party to bar, house parties that are out of control, speeding, public drunkenness, etc…) If the cops and/or specials actually fined people heavily it would deter them from doing it again. Which would improve the quality of life and encourage more families (instead of party houses), which would improve real estate values, and tax revenue.

  2. I hope you include my idea in your letter!

    The zoning board needs to (be replaced) allow mixed-use so we can allow out of the box ideas for filling vacant store fronts and to allow bed n breakfast type places should someone fancy themselves to create one.
    The off season attraction is clutch for us.

    *hands clapping*
    Good job, Anthony and contributers!

  3. They should charge to go onto the beach until 8 (instead of 6) this would bring in revenue and also prevent the punks that wait until 6 …these punks inevitably need to be rescued and/or bring down quality of life with inappropriate behavior. This wouldn’t effect residents who have their summer passes.

  4. It is too late for this year but next year the entries to the beach should be gated and require the beach pass be swiped. The number of people who simply ignore the young people at the shacks is mind boggling. They wait until there is a group with passes and just blow in behind them.

    Starting now, some of our over priced police should drive their over priced vehicles the length of the beach continually and ticket people on the jetties or swimming in unguarded areas.

    Some of the auxiliaries should also hand tickets to those people who trash the streets near the boardwalk. Sunday night there were bags of garbage left in parking places and fast food containers all over the street. All within eyesight of 3 wastebaskets.

    They should also patrol the municipal lots for cars that aren’t resident stickered. There were 3 cars with out of state plates and no LB resident sticker in the lot at Monroe & Shore. With parking near the beach so limited the fines should be significant.

    We want out of towners to want to come and enjoy our beach and boardwalk, but they must help us keep it clean and enjoyable too.

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