DecoBike: Coming Soon This Season? [EPIC FAIL]

(Photo taken Thursday, May 31st)

When I asked the guy who was working on the Dekobike kiosks when the bikes were coming and he said “As early as tomorrow (Sunday, May 27th).” I believed him and blogged about it (Read-DecoBike Kiosks Going Up. Bikes Come This Sunday). Well, I’m not sure who to believe anymore because it’s now Thursday and the bikes are no where to be found. So far Decobike has been nothing but a big failure and the season barely just started.

I’ve tried to contact Decobike several times, but never heard back. I get it. This is just a lowly blog. The Decobike public relations team might not have time for us, but this blog does have a lot of readers. You’d think in a town where many folks are against the Deco-deal, Decobike would be looking to spread their propaganda as much as possible. We at SBC might not be experts at journalism like the other guys, but we do try. When Quiksilver gave Shaun & me Press Credentials, we ran more articles about that event than everybody. Maybe even more than Quiksilver themselves!

My point is this: I am somewhat of a fan of Decobikes. I actually see bike sharing as a benefit to our city by the sea, but so far they’ve been nothing but a big disappointment:

Here we are several days after Memorial Day weekend and the bikes, as of this morning (Thursday), are still nowhere to be found. I feel like an idiot for blogging they would be here. I’m not even sure if I care anymore.

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  1. Here’s a comment that was posted on an old Patch article.

    “Well …the deco bikes are here…and look what they say about riding the bikes on the sidewalk: Can I ride my DECOBIKE on the sidewalk? “For the most part, bikes are allowed on the sidewalks in Long Beach. All riders must use caution when entering or leaving crosswalks, roadways and/or sidewalks. Bike riders must always yield right of way to pedestrians.” hmmm…methinks they should brush up on the city ordinances: Sec. 23-1. – Riding bicycles and tricycles on sidewalks. (a) No person shall ride a bicycle or tricycle upon a sidewalk within a business district. (b) No person ten (10) or more years of age shall ride a bicycle or tricycle upon any sidewalk in any district. (c) Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be liable for each offense to a fine of not less than two dollars ($2.00) nor more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00), or imprisonment for not more than fifteen (15) days, or both.”

  2. I appreciate this blog more than any other. Compare them side by side and seabythecity has superiority in articles and overall presentation. Decobikes didn’t respond, not because they think this is a “lowly blog”, but (I’m pretty sure) that by now they realize they’ve made a colossal mistake in coming to Long Beach. I haven’t spoken to one single person who thinks this is a good idea! I also wonder how long it will take the professional bike thieves, who run rampant here, to figure out how to get the shiny new bikes off the racks attached to those ugly kiosks!

  3. The only failure by DECOBIKE is not launching for the first holiday weekend and having bare kiosks around LB, which is now making them look like a joke. In terms of theft or damage, they have insurance to cover such, so that won’t matter at all.

    Coming to LB isn’t a mistake, the mistake is all the old people who are against living in 2012 and evolving their community. Bikes for visitors, to rent in a BEACH TOWN, with a BOARDWALK is a GREAT idea. The bike shops should only be upset they didn’t come up with an innovative idea to generate and build their own business.

    Personally, I tell everyone I speak to, to purchase bikes from, since they offer low cost NO BRAND NAME/GREAT beach bikes for well under any price you can find on Long Island, including shipping. Maybe it’s time for Long Beach Bicycle to bring affordable products to Long BEach, instead of having their cheapest beach cruiser at $235. EVOLUTION!!!

    Everyone can be upset with the LB government when they poorly spend tax dollars, but you also can’t be pissed when they do things to try to build revenue, that make sense for the community and environment.

    Clearly, no one has made one comment on how these rental stations could bring more customers to the businesses on the west end, which would be good for the community, everyone only complains about the bad. Maybe we should continue to support the TERRIBLE taxi companies in LB, who completely rip off the citizens, speed around town and barely stop at stop signs.

  4. Bike rentals in a beach town is a great idea! There have been so many times that I have been asking people to borrow bikes for out of town guests. They aren’t go to buy a bike for the weekend, they need another option.

    And yes, people need to realize that change is good and this city needs it. We are in obvious need of some cash, and things like this can make Long Beach more attractive to visitors (who will come here and spend money, get it?)

  5. I totally agree with JR and KB this is being funded with private money and revenue is being shared with the city… This will bring money to our city and increase mobility throughout the city! Everyone who comes and visits me will be able to rent a bike and ride with me… This is an amenity to our city and gives visitors something else to do and spend more money in our city. Decobike is a GREAT idea! best idea to come to LB in a long time!

  6. by your logic we should give a fair amount of public space in 17 different locations throughout the city to any business who agrees to give a small percentage of their profits to the city while they are in business for what, 3 months? There’s a place in Boston that makes a kick-ass pizza so lets have them set up pizza stands in over a dozen locations throughout the city. don’t worry- it won’t take away business from the lb restaurants. Oh, and I’m going to have 400 pizza delivery vehicles.

    I appreciate the Deco supporters (is that you Dickie?) adding your comments for all to read however I do wonder if you’ve considered the other ways a city can make money that doesn’t give away public space in exchange for (hopefully) 10% of revenue. (BTW, does that include ad revenue? i think someone forgot to ask that before signing on the dotted line). Or one that doesn’t put the public at risk (400 more bikes with no infrastructure to support them).

  7. If you are seriously thinking of having your friends go for bike rides with you using Deco, expect a huge bill for using one. They aren’t meant to be bike rentals as the price tag on the kiosk clearly demonstrates. They are to go from point A to point B. They are modes of transportation, not recreation.

    Go rent a bike from Buddys, Local or the other place.

  8. I for one think the idea is great but the execution and lack of input from the community is poor to say the least. There is more to this than just putting down a concrete slab and mounting the kiosk and bike rack. You need phone lines to handle the transactions and I’m thinking electricity so there is sufficient lighting.

    The location of the kiosks other than those on the boardwalk just do not seem to have been planned at all. Why would most people want to ride to Edwards Blvd and Walnut or Olive St? They would want ride to an area where there are things to do – i.e. Park Ave or Beech St. While there are 2 kiosks on Beech there are none on Park and this is why the homeowners are unhappy.

    As with many of the innovations of the past administration, the germ of the idea was good but the follow through poor to nonesistent and the current administration is too busy with other issues.

  9. Allisonb why so negative. I personally don’t think they will do well but at this point I wish them the best. If in the next 2 years the city gets their act together and start doing the ideas on Anthony’s idea page. Those ideas will be hit or miss just like this one.
    I want cool food trucks like they have in NYC, that would take away from restaurants, so does that mean it can’t or shouldn’t be done or tried?

  10. Anthony, you just keep doing what you are doing. I have my doubts about Decobikes, but we have to be willing to try new ideas or we will never know. New ideas are the only way we move forward. Admittedly not every new idea is a good idea, but this one is worth a try. We also need to be open minded enough to modify the idea to make it better if necessary. That means paying attention and bringing any proposals to modify the idea to the City.

  11. I’m a total food truckie and love the idea of having some pop up by the beach. The requirements must be they fall within these strict guidelines:

    -a coffee truck must serve cold brewed coffee and offers almond, rice and/or soy milk. If their hot coffee gives me the runs, they lose their license for selling in long beach.
    -if a truck is serving meat it must served the meat wrapped in bacon.
    -there must be a taco truck present at all times.
    -all trucks must offer gluten-free dough options.

    Hey, I don’t ask for much around here.

  12. Thanks Denis and I agree with you 100%. I’m actually and advocate of Decobikes, despite the compelling arguments against it. But that’s the problem: Deco is making it too easy for people to be against it. Overall, I still think it’s worth a shot. This city needs to move forward and the only way to do it is to try new stuff out.

  13. ha thanks Mebythesea. So far i’ve been seeing people using those kiosks as benches… at least they’re useful for something, right? It seems to be 50/50 ‘for and against’ on my end. A little PR push would of been simple to do – Quiksilver did a great job. They communicated made us feel like they really wanted to be part of our community the few weeks they were here.

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