Allegria Hotel emerges from bankruptcy [Long Island Business News]

(Photo taked from the Allegria Hotel Facebook Page)

In what appears to be a half written article with not that much info, the Long Island Business News is reporting that the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach cound finally see some light at the end of the ‘bankruptcy’ tunnel:

A bankruptcy judge has approved a plan to reorganize the finances of the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach, according to Allen Rosenberg, who opened the 143-room hotel in 2009.

Rosenberg’s development company, Alrose King David, filed for Chapter 11 protection last July, listing between $10 million and $50 million in liabilities to more than 50 creditors.

The company had also been sued by dozens of contractors owed money for their work on the project.

Read the rest of the article over @ Long Island Business News: Allegria Hotel emerges from bankruptcy. (Thanks Billy for posting this.)


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6 thoughts on “Allegria Hotel emerges from bankruptcy [Long Island Business News]”

  1. I was there when that photo was taken place. There was a fashion show followed by a rooftop party. Those guys were dressed up as Avatars. My friend did the makeup on some of the performers. They threw a great party.

  2. “Successfully emerged from Bankruptcy”?

    LOL, tell that to the 100’s of people that they owe big bucks to and to the employees, and to the City of Long Beach , who will have to settle for 20 cents on a dollar IF they ever get paid!

    If you call that Successfully Emerging!!!!!

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