Jackson Hotel Sold? Being Renovated? [RUMOR ALERT!]

The Jackson By The Beach. Ahh… that abandoned hotel which was recently on the market for $10 million. Well, I am hearing a new rumor that it has indeed been sold and will be soon be renovated. Into what? I have no idea, but a reliable tipster told me the following:

“I noticed a few workers outside the hotel about a month ago doing some surveying. They said someone bought the hotel and were going to renovate but I’ve seen very little activity since then.”

So what do you folks think? A new hotel? Condos by the sea? Apartments? A Peter Luger Steakhouse theme park? $10 million seems like a bargain for a giant building only a few blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean. The economy sucks, but if true, somebody with deep pockets just got themselves a heck of an investment.

For those who want a little peak at the inside lobby of Jackson, check out this post I did last summer: Inside the Jackson Hotel: A Photographic Journey  All Jackson Hotel seabythecity stories ARE HERE.

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10 thoughts on “Jackson Hotel Sold? Being Renovated? [RUMOR ALERT!]”

  1. Hopefully it will become a Peter Luger Steak House. This is by far the best steak house I have ever eaten at.,by far..
    I’ve been to most of the great steak houses in Long Island and I can honestly say this is the beat.

  2. I would love to see a classy hotel with a great restaurant / great service and reasonable prices. Perhaps Allegria could learn from them.

  3. Since it turns out that a hotel that is only really viable for two and a half months out of the year is terrible business investment. (Allegria LOL)

    Its probably condos.

  4. Has the Hotel actually paid anyone that they owed money to since they have emerged from Bankruptcy ? The Hotel’s Mgr. made a statement that they would, but have they ?

  5. I’m fascinated with this building as well. I live across the street at The Sherwood House and it’s such an eye sore. And the lights in one of the rooms on the third floor are on at night. Who the heck is living in there?

  6. I can’t wait to see what will become of the Jackson. I’ve lived in Long Beach, mainly on the East End since 2001 and that place has indeed been an eyesore and essentially useless the entire time. An affordable hotel would be AWESOME! Cleary for the summer months, but for people such as my parents who live out of state and would visit more during the off-season if there was an afforable place to stay.

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