New Cans, Recycling Bins, Keeping LB Clean [LB HERALD]

Just a quick shout out to all those who were involved with this. (Read @ LB Herald – Keeping city beaches clean) THANK YOU!! Pretty awesome and definitely long overdue.

“Members of the Sludge Stoppers Task Force and the Long Beach Surfer’s Association teamed up recently for an initiative that led to the placement of 300 new garbage cans and recycling bins along the city’s beaches in an effort to keep Long Beach clean and eco-friendly. 

Oh and this didn’t cost the city anything. Read more at the Herald – Keeping city beaches clean

(Photo taken from the Herald Article: Keeping city beaches clean)



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7 thoughts on “New Cans, Recycling Bins, Keeping LB Clean [LB HERALD]”

  1. This is the best Long Beach story I have heard in a long time! Kudos all around: the Task Force, the Surfers Association, the kids, the sponsors.

    I don’t surf, but I’ll be in Frippery and Lola’s this weekend to shop, have lunch and let them know how much I appreciate their support of this wonderful project.

  2. EmPower Solar is proud to work with the City of Long Beach, the Sludge Stoppers Task Force, and the Long Beach Surfer’s Association on a project we care deeply about…keeping our beaches clean.

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