A Plethora of Kennedy Plaza Activities this Weekend (And that’s a good thing)

Just a reminder of all the events going on at Kennedy Plaza this weekend. The Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market and Arts in the Plaza will still be going on this Saturday along side the 18th Annual Kennedy Plaza Fine Arts Show which is Saturday & Sunday. I guess you can say it’s really three events rolled into one. Lots of local artists, including Arden Designs, which was previously featured on this blog. If any participating artist wishes to send in an example of their work or link, please contact me via the contact page. The full list is below:

  • Kristie Arden – Beach Photography & Coastal Greeting Cards 
  • Meg Azzoni – Water, Oil & Acrylic Paintings
  • Dorothy Beriss – Photography
  • Andrew Boyton – Fine Art Giclees & Hand Drawn Ball Point Pen Tagua Pendants
  • Michael Colette
  • Mannel Contrbras – Sculpture
  • William Farran – Prints
  • Beth Rose Feuersteen – Photography
  • Ed Kennedy – Photography
  • Steven Klein – Acrylic Paintings
  • Christina Kramer – Photography
  • David Langdon – Sand, Shell & Driftwood Assemblages
  • Mark Lerner – Photography
  • Nicholas Meola – Digital Montage
  • Jeff Mitchel – Photography
  • Barbara Mosca – Watercolors
  • Neil J Murphy – Photography
  • Paul Musaracchia – Metal Sculpture
  • Soloman Nat – Mixed Media/Acrylic
  • Denes Petoe – Photography
  • Israel Rubinstein – Oils & Acrylic Paintings
  • Deidre Ryan
  • Vladimir Sedov – Pastel and Water Colors
  • Chloe Wang – Oil Paintings
  • Marck Webster – Color Pencils 

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