Horrific Car Accident and Traffic on Lido Blvd this AM.

For those who take the Loop Parkway to work, I’m sure you saw the horrific scene this morning, which featured a massive amount of traffic, smashed cars, helicopters and sirens galore. I managed to take a snap shot of one of the helicopters lifting off, but not of the accident – out of respect to the victims. Let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty scene. My heart and prayers defintiely go out to all those involved. I’ll try to follow up with updates from Newsday, Patch, Herald, etc as the story breaks to the mainstream media.



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5 thoughts on “Horrific Car Accident and Traffic on Lido Blvd this AM.”

  1. All I know is, they can install all the medians and speed limit signs…but until the speed limit is enforced on Lido Blvd., this kind of thing will keep happening! That road is back to being a speedway again.

  2. I passed this, this morning and it was horrid looking. So horrid that I can’t even begin to think of how it happened. I would ASSUME that somebody crossed the center lane which resulted in a head-on collision.

    But to say “this kind of thing will keep happening” is a little non-sense. When was the last time there was 3 helicopters needed for an accident that closed Lido Blvd in both directions? While I do agree with you that it is a raceway, especially in the morning, this accident was result of serious driver fault or taking a very un-nessasary risk and I consider it to be an exception rather than the rule.

    I am passed the point of hoping everybody is ok…. at this point, I just hope everybody invloved, survived. It was that awful looking.

  3. i hope and pray that all involved in this horrible accident will be alright. helicopters right around the corner from you is not a pretty site.

  4. i heard that a teen was driving and texting. missing the lite and the fact that another driving was pulling out of a lot onto lido blvd.

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