Sunken Boat in the Canals. Help? [Reader Question]

Message: I live not too far from the Heron Street Canal. At the bottom of the canal is a 16-18′ sunken boat (photo below). I have spoken to Nassau police marine, Bay constables, LB marine and they all tell me that it’s the other bureau’s problem. The boat was owned by a LB policeman that was killed years ago body surfing at the beach. I think his name was PJ? Do you have any ideas on having this thing removed before someone gets hurt or another boat runs over it? Any info on help would be appreciated. – Canal Resident

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8 thoughts on “Sunken Boat in the Canals. Help? [Reader Question]”

  1. The interesting thing about the canals, is that there is no jurisdiction on them. The developers who originally dredged the land in between the blocks and created the waterways as well as the plots of land to be constructed on for homes still are the sole owners of each canal. So The Town of Hempstead has jurisdiction in Reynold’s Channel, but it stops at the edge of where the cut line is made into the northern most cut of land.

    I feel that if you want to test who the better Historical asset is to Long Beach (The Long Beach Historical Society or this “brand new (Subjective) Long Beach Island Landmarks Association) you should make it a challenge to find the owner of either just this particular canal, or find every owner of every canal… ? what do you think

  2. Interesting! Identifying the owner of each canal would be a fun project, Sensei. The next step is to find out what laws govern those who own such private waterways–are they the same laws that govern those who own private roads? Also, this is an unusual arrangement. Usually a developer turns common areas over to the local municipality; usually the municipality requires this as a condition of development.

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