Decobikes coming July 4th?, Fine Arts Show, Historical Marker @ the LIRR

(A Decobike kiosk sits empty on the Olive St & Edwards Blvd intersection, two weeks after installed.)


The DecoBike bikes are coming this July 4th, according to a recent Newsday article titled: Long Beach bicycle rental program to roll. Well that sucks. Didn’t Deco get the memo that our beach season is a lot shorter than that in Miami? I call this a major missed opportunity, as June is an important beach month to the city. I also feel like more kiosks should have been installed at the LIRR, so visitors can use these bikes to ride around and spend money. I mean, isn’t that the whole idea?

Safety concern was actually the bulk of the Newsday article:

“Residents, and some Long Beach officials, said the bicycles could bring a rise in traffic accidents and make driving in the city more difficult on busy beach days. 

If the city really cared about safety, they should place more speed bumps at stop signs (especially at roads heading to the Park Avenue stop lights), enforce speeding laws and narrow the roads. Also, like what Allison said in the article “bicycle safety education”. Instead, the city installs more stop signs which does nothing, for I watch automobiles drive though them at full speed all day long. One of these days I should just video tape in and post it on here.. I just have to figure out how to blur the moving license plates.


One local artist told me the event was a huge success: “Every artist I spoke to seems happy, so I’m happy.” The fine arts show is a great way for local artists to get their stuff out there. Oh and it didn’t rain! Although it did seem like there were less vendors this year. Maybe the possibility rain scared some away….


During the city’s 90th anniversaty celebration of becoming a city, the Long Beach Island Landmarks Association unveiled a new historial marker (photo below) at our Long Beach LIRR station. We already have historial markers scattered across the city, but I love this new one. It looks like it’s built to last, plus the coloring is fantastic.  Advice: Let’s now bring one to our historical boardwalk and make sure you mention the elephants.


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  1. It’s not just cars running stop signs all day long, what about cyclists who run stop signs, that’s also illegal, cyclists riding the wrong way on one way streets (illegal!!!), cycling at night without lights (illegal!!!), dragging their pet dog while cycling (illegal!!!) the list is endless. If Long Beach wants to get serious about bicycle safety it’s time our Police Department acted on all these issues.

  2. Knowledge is power indeed!

    Long Beach is still part of NY State, trying look at a state level.
    You will find that a bicycle is governed by the same road safety laws as a motor veehicle for the most part.

  3. Anthony,
    I completely agree, and as a long time resident of Long Beach, I know that extra vigilance is required during the summer months while driving. I just wish the the City & LBPD would take bicycle safety seriously. I am always happily amazed that we don’t have more serious accidents involving cyclists.

  4. Thank you for the link CAR DRIVER.

    I’m proud to say I have solved the fiscal crisis of LB. Indeed, 99.9% of individuals break, technically all biking laws, which mostly, are complete jokes. In order to get the town back on track I suggest implementing:

    § 1236.
    (b) No person shall operate a bicycle unless it is equipped with a
    bell or other device capable of giving a signal audible for a distance
    of at least one hundred feet, except that a bicycle shall not be
    equipped with nor shall any person use upon a bicycle any siren or

  5. Love the Speed Bump Ideas Anthony. Since Motorist don’t have a focused respect for bikers, at least we can suppress their speed and put cyclists into their peripheral with better focus with speed bumps, and the plan that you said.

    About the Elephants, they didn’t actually have any feasible impact directly on the building of the LB Boardwalk. (According to the Long Beach Historic Society) They were simply brought down here for a single day with the intent of creating a photo op to market their boardwalk with PT Barnums’ celebrities. The same as when a politician drags an actor or a musician in front of a camera with them shaking their hand, it’s just to rile the gossipers. Elephants, being an exotic animal as they are, were a timeless celebrity and that’s why it’s still gossiped about today.

  6. Yes! Let’s penalize bicyclists, those annoying bastards!! CONSTANTLY going the wrong way down one-way side streets!!! UGH! How dare they not go all the way around like us cars have to!!!!!!!! You think I car that you live at the top of a one-way street? GO AROUND LIKE THE REST OF US CARS HAVE TO!

    We should just ban the fucking things. People who ride them are all unAmerican for not driving cars instead. It has nothing to do with me being too fat and lazy to ride one 3 blocks to the store and it DEFINITELY has nothing to do with my lack of environmental concern – I got a carbon footprint already- a carbon footprint on the next bicyclists ASS
    who dares to not ride on the sidewalk!!! You belong there like every other idiot not on 4 wheels, maneuvering around pedestrians like it’s pinball.GET OFF THE STREETS YOU HOOLIGANS!

  7. we need to find ways of keeping the bicyclists out of the way of our moving vehicles. Am very worried about the potential for front end damage

  8. Yes, and in NY State there’s a $25 fine for flirting, you must have a permit to hang clothes on a clothesline and it’s against the law for throwing a ball at someone’s head for fun.


  9. Does anyone else thinks the bike prices are very high??!!!

    also, non related, just curious…..i thought the surf camp was supposed to rotate from beach to beach after the people complained about it being in front of the same buidling every weekend last year. They are now camped at LB rd everyweekend. Why do I now have to look at their tents taking up prime beach space in front of my place each weekend?? What happened to rotating? And also, shouldnt they be set up back towards the boardwalk rather than blocking the view and taking up prime beach space along the shoreline????

  10. Let’s start a death on bike pool. I betcha two deaths resulting from goofy high school girls riding on the handlebars being hit by a soccer mom and one death of a surfer dude riding barefoot with a board under his arm being hit my an 80+ snowbird. Any takers?

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