Fagen owes 4 months’ rent, faces eviction [NEWSDAY]

Newsday (6/12/12)- Fagen owes 4 months’ rent, faces eviction

“Long Beach City Councilman Michael Fagen faces possible eviction from his home for allegedly failing to pay more than $12,000 in back rent, court documents state.

Fagen, a councilman since 2009, owes landlord Jason Schatzberg more than four months of rent, according to court papers filed in Long Beach City Court.

….Fagen said he withheld rent because of a lack of heat during the winter. But he intends to pay the back rent and reach a settlement with Schatzberg by Thursday.

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3 thoughts on “Fagen owes 4 months’ rent, faces eviction [NEWSDAY]”

  1. $12,000 worth of heat? This guy Fagen is shady. And he always has an excuse. Too many headlines on this guy = some of it is obviously true.

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