He Said No to Fireworks, Will McLaughlin Say No to Irish Day too? (And Did Irish Day Outgrow the West End?) [OPINIONS]

In my post The Fireworks MUST Go On, I mentioned this quote from Councilman John McLaughlin regarding the fireworks event this year: “I’d rather see someone hired back. I appreciate the sponsors with the fireworks and everything, but … I’d feel terrible watching the fireworks go off while someone’s sitting at home that could have been working.” [Source – LB Herald: Long Beach fireworks will go on]

Well that got me thinking. Does that mean Councilman McLaughlin will say “no” to Irish Day? After all, Irish Day is a very expensive party that costs the city FAR MORE MONEY and wreaks FAR MORE HAVOC on the city than fireworks. I mean, how can we even think of celebrating anything since people are out of jobs? I’m sure Mr. McLaughlin will feel terrible watching the fireworks go off  participating in Irish Day while someone’s sitting at home who could have been working. 

Not to put all the pressure on Councilman McLaughlin, but i’m just trying to make a point here. And I think it’s a very good one. Seriously, can we afford Irish Day?

Since we are on the topic, did Irish Day outgrow the West End?

From what I understand, Irish Day was created to help the bars in the West End get through the lean winter months. Now that the West End consists of mostly full time residents, some West Enders are beginning to chafe at the outrageous shenanigans that go on during the festivities as well as its effect on the reputation of the community. “Drunken debauchery” was one way it was explained to me.

Somebody suggested in the comments of an article in the the AOL-owned LB Patch that Irish Day should be moved to Kennedy Plaza. What do you readers think? Make it more of a cultural celebration and less about the drinking party it’s become:

–  Irish dancing and Irish music on a main stage

–  Irish food from local restaurants, either a food tent or carts

–  Alcohol tent (local bars – id required, of course)

–  Kids activities, like face painting, games and Irish dance lessons


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8 thoughts on “He Said No to Fireworks, Will McLaughlin Say No to Irish Day too? (And Did Irish Day Outgrow the West End?) [OPINIONS]”

  1. Could not have put it better myself. Certainly more room for all the vendors at the Plaza (and there are bars over there too!)

  2. Is there really more room in the plaza than the entirety of west beech? I’m having a hard time seeing that.

    Regardless, I’d be ok with the move. Would be interesting to get a fiscal analysis of the event. I’m sure it costs the city money, but it def benefits businesses in the west end, albeit mostly a small group of bar owners. Would a move to Kennedy plaza mean the only people who capitalize on the event are out of town vendors?

  3. I would love to see an analysis cost vs benefits of Irish Day as it is currently . The bars make money for sure, but aren’t most of the street vendors from elsewhere? And while I don’t want to sound xenophobic, most of the outrageous behavior seems to be by non locals too Notice I said most, bot all.

    Moving it to Kennedy Plaza would make it easier to confine and more a cultural celebration than an excuse for excess. I think it is a great idea.

  4. So the “transparent and honest governement” continues the shell game.
    Let’s see what is really going on. The City is borrowing another $8.5 million
    on top of the $15 million they borrowed last month. The Ice Rink is becoming
    the hideout for the Friends and Family program. Torres still cannot be found
    anywhere. Mandel is busy eating (again) with Dem leaders as they prepare
    to hire more family members (at the Rink of course) while the City bullies the
    unions and lays the non-connected employees off. Oh yes…did we forget the
    “fiscal emergency”? Remember this as your taxes, water bills and sanitation fees
    begin to skyrocket. You should be receiving those bills in two weeks.
    Have fun!!

  5. As I remember when they closed the animal shelter they patted themselves on their backs for saving something like $43k. In the next breath they announced that the fireworks display would cost $43k. Interesting chain of events.

  6. How about a $2.00 toll on the Long Beach bridge? Also a $2.00 surcharge on the LIRR to Long Beach? This will help get us out of debt. Of course residents will get a free pass for all above and the Atlantic beach bridge too.

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