A 14 year old boy on a skateboard gets hit on Lido Blvd. You know, that road that was not designed the right way.

Long Beach resident  Larry Vaughn sent in the photo along with a little rant:

A 14 year old boy was hit by a car. He was riding a skateboard. If the road was two lanes with a bike/board lane he would be fine right now.

(see article at AOL-owned LB Patch: UPDATED: Middle School Student in Critical Condition After Auto Accident)

Larry is right. The six lane Lido Blvd through Lido Beach was given a recent facelift that so far proved to be nothing, but a complete waste of taxpayers money while it still remains a dangerous road. Not to nitpick, but should have been designed as follows:

Have only two lanes going west into Long Beach. Three lanes coming east out of Long Beach for emergency evacuation and outgoing beach traffic. The remaining “extra” lane should have then been used as a bike lane on each side. This poor boy could have been on that bike lane, as there is currently no room whatsoever on the blvd. Skateboarding and bike riding is not allowed in sidewalks.

I drive on Lido Blvd every single day – both morning and evening rush hour. The only traffic I hit is when there is an accident. A 14 year old boy should be allowed to skateboard in a safe environment, but what the DOT gave us was the same speedy road with some weeds growing in the middle medians.

In Island Park they plan on actually doing the two lane south/three lane north configuration, but it’s really just to make more room for parked cars on the side of the road. There is no mention whatsoever on bike lanes. Who is in charge of these new road designs? Maybe they should all be fired.

My heart goes out to the boy and his family. The Patch is now reporting that the child is in critical condition… sigh.. We are all thinking of you.

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20 thoughts on “A 14 year old boy on a skateboard gets hit on Lido Blvd. You know, that road that was not designed the right way.”

  1. Teenagers on bikes and skateboards do stupid, dangerous stuff in traffic every single day.

    Frankly, it amazes me that incidents like this aren’t ten times more common.

  2. I’m not talking about this specific incident, because I don’t know what happened.

    But it does like road safety isn’t taught like it used to be in the public school system and that there should be a mandatory school assembly on this topic before the students are let out for the year. I’ve seen kids weaving through traffic, cut motorists off, and wander into blind spots with an alarming frequency since it’s gotten warm out.

    And on the flip-side, there is also a huge problem with distracted, inattentive drivers.

    The problem is not with the design of the road itself, the problem is that since the proliferation of cell phones and other portable, people have become completely inattentive towards their surroundings.

  3. People drive like maniacs on Lido Blvd. There is always, always, someone double parked in front of the Associated so those hot rodders have to swerve left almost as soon as the enter Long Beach. Broadway should be the next location for a smack up.

  4. It’s not just teenagers doing stupid, dangerous things on bikes and skateboard AND WHILE DRIVING. Human beings are just stupid across the board.

  5. Firstly, my thoughts go out to this child and his parents.

    I totally agree Jim, I was totally lambasted on this site last week for pointing out that motor vehicle law also applies to bicycles, and here we are a week later with a tragic accident, that might have been prevented with a little education and a positive policing policy.
    I was never trying to suggest we nail cyclists to the cross in order to solve the cities fiscal crisis, but what is wrong with our Police Department explaining that cycling the wrong way down a one way street and other infractions are indeed ILLEGAL!

  6. If anyone is interested in physically doing something productive then let’s go out by where he was hit and hold up colorful signs saying “please slow down”/”yield for pedestrians”….

    I’m serious. I’ll supply the paint and cardboard supplies for signs. It would actually be kinda neat to do in particularly dangerous areas.

    I volunteer Anthony.

  7. Picketing motorists is an utterly idiotic idea and tearing up the road to reconfigure it doesn’t do a single productive thing.

    The school district needs to hire a crossing guard to stand watch over there during the days school is in session, end of story.

  8. Bryan,

    What about non-school days? So kids shouldn’t travel anywhere if no crossing guard is present? Currently the sidewalks are narrow and broken. The streets on Lido Blvd are too fast. Everybody says “teach the kids street safety” but you have to understand: They are still kids and will still act like kids even if we do. Us folks in the large speeding SUVs going 80mph in a 40 zone have to be the ones who act like adults and be more aware regardless.

    The last thing we want to do is stop kids from going outside and getting exercise. We have enough of an obesity problem in this country as it is. We should be ENCOURAGED to go out and ride bikes, skateboards and go for walks. But streets like Lido Blvd make that idea impossible.

  9. A terrible tragedy, but will there be a point in the future at which it may be acceptable to suggest that this kid could have at least been partially at fault?

  10. When I ride to Pt Lookout I avoid that street at all costs and zip through the mushroom place. The one stretch where there’s no lot to ride through I stick to the crappy sidewalk. Riding on that road by the trailer park is like asking for coma. I can’t imagine a cop in the world ticketing you for that short area right there.

  11. We take the same route, Lido Blvd is to be avoided. That 7am jogger from Point Lookout who runs Lido Blvd is pushing her luck.

  12. There was an accident in the big parking lot where the mushrooms are. I was wondering if anyone would like to get signs and picket – so that people will slow down and also for the parking lot to be re-designed. It is tooo dangerous. We should picket every single place there is an accident across the country. Please re-design this road, driveway or parking lot – and don’t raise my taxes. Picketing has been done before with interesting results.

    The good news. The boy is doing better. The bad news – Allison B and Michelle R use these events for their sad fatidic ways

  13. I propose that skateboarding be banned on DOT designated streets. Anyone under 18 parents served w a $250 fine and subjected to parental training 101. Over 18 and a $500 fine and 500 hours of community sevice. For bicycles there will be licenses for those 16 and older and must carry insurance. No cycling on street for those under 16. Cars should not have to share the road. I just solve a number of citizens concerns.

  14. You know people drive like a holes. And a holes want to blame the kid. Guy was probably going 20 miles over posted limit.You can not blame road design either. People, people,people. I blame them for everything. NCPD set up radar trap one day after and then they were gone. One morning probably. And then they were gone.

  15. Every other school district on Long Island uses crossing guards at major intersections, near school zones and it works out quite well.

    Now we’re talking about childhood obesity? childhood obesity is a parental failure. If you don’t feed your kids garbage, they won’t be obese. Children don’t have the money to fill their houses up with garbage or buy McDonalds seven nights a week.

    But whatever, its pretty clear that you see automobiles as inherently evil.

  16. Agreed. The speed limit on Lido Blvd going through the residential area is 30mph, yet people think it’s a highway. If I am going 40 or even 50 (yeah I’ll admit it), I am going too slow. People pass me, cut me off, speed by me as if they are going twice or triple my speed.

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