Long Beach hotel pays off $375G in debts [NEWSDAY]

“The Allegria, an upscale Long Beach hotel that the city considers important to its economic well-being but one that has been mired in tax arrears for three years, has pulled out of debt — and is opening its prized rooftop to the public.

..But the hotel paid off the debts last week after reaching an agreement in bankruptcy court, and is exiting bankruptcy, hotel representatives and city officials said.

[Allen] Rosenberg [the owner] said in a statement that he is glad the hotel is back on firm footing. “We’re right here and we are here to stay,” he said.

You can read the full Newsday article here: Long Beach hotel pays off $375G in debts.
Good for the Allegria. The last thing Long Beach needs is for this place to go the same route as Jackson by the Beach. Now please add a breakfast buffet to your repertoire and I’ll be there at least once a month.

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3 thoughts on “Long Beach hotel pays off $375G in debts [NEWSDAY]”

  1. wait, are the actualy going to open their rooftop bar to the public on friday and saturday for once? weird concept. makes too much sense.

  2. So did it pay off its debt or get rid of them ” after reaching an agreement in bankruptcy court.” This place is so shady it’s ridiculous.

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