REMINDER: City Council Meeting tonight (June 19th)

What’s on this week’s agenda? In no particular order:

  • Off-street parking waivers (Wow, they never talk about that!)
  • Amendments to the 2012/13 budget (to reflect concessions agreed upon between the City and the CSEA and voted upon by union membership, 195 to 22 in favor. This vote restored the jobs of 38 union members.)
  • Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive talk.
  • Moving the July 3rd City Council meeting to July 5th (Nobody wants to work on Fourth of July Eve)
  • Some Bond talk (City needs cash. I’m hoping for 10% short term returns. I have my fingers crossed!)
  • Bus Fares @ $2 around Long Beach, $2.50 to Point Lookout.
  • Water & Sewer rents (down the drain)
  • 727 West Park Avenue to be sold for $300,000 and will be an Irish Dance school. So Hagen School of Irish Dance is moving? SBC Blogger Seashelly wrote about this property in April: Building for Sale.
  • Something about an Automatic Alarm System.
Please read the full June 19th Agenda here:  June_19_2012.pdf


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6 thoughts on “REMINDER: City Council Meeting tonight (June 19th)”

  1. They are proposing a 30-50% increase in bus fare. $2 for a LB bus? Have you seen the state of our bus stops and station? REALLY?

    Commuters with the luxery of affording a montly pass to the city will NOT have their monthly bus fares increased…..but the elderly will. The residents who work or need to travel within the city will, as well. Statistically speaking, the demograph for public transportation makes this a big concern for me. In addition, this only discourages people from utilizing public transport. Yes, the .50 increase is alot considering the length of the trip.

    What has the city done to increase riderships?

    What will the city do with the alleged increase in revenue? Will we actually get clean bus shelters? Benches, perhaps at the bus stops? Will there FINALLY be clearer markings of where the stops are?

    Why don’t we have a head of transportation….is the current city manager capable of running this department – this CITY ASSET- efficiently while overseeing all other departments?

    Is this increase in direct relation to the fiscal crisis and if so does the city manager propose to increase revenue through a public good?
    Does the city manager consider public transportation to be a public good?

    Clean up the department then come back to us to discuss fare increases.

  2. Out of the nine arrests on the Police Report for last week, there were four arrests made on June 16 in the West End: two for disorderly conduct, one for criminal mischief with intent to damage property and one for something called “use of public sewers”.

  3. I hope they make double those arrests this weekend and the trend continues. The city could generate thousands of dollars a weekend if the police actually handed out fines !! It would, of course, also improve our quality of life.

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