SAND JAM 2012 (Seven Hour Beach Concert!) [SBC Exclusive]

(Pictured are Still Remains performing at the 2011 Quicksilver Pro, Long Beach, NY)

The Long Beach Music Coalition in association with the City of Long Beach is proud to announce SAND JAM 2012. A free concert on the beach with all local LONG BEACH artists featuring original and cover bands playing rock, blues, alternative and jam music.

The show will take place on Saturday, July 28th from 3:00 pm till 10:00pm at National Beach – Adjacent to the Allegria Hotel (80 West Broadway, Long Beach, NY).

Scheduled to perform are:

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10 thoughts on “SAND JAM 2012 (Seven Hour Beach Concert!) [SBC Exclusive]”

  1. LBLOVA, If you don’t like them, there are 4 others to choose from…Check out STILL REMAINS…70’s and 90’s rock…also Dave Kellan is a monster guitar player!

  2. Love the other bands !! Looking forward to seeing Still Remains they are very good. Saw them at The Hub several times. Will check out Dave Kellan thanks for the info.

  3. I have seen Steel Horse they are really good, so I dont know what LBLOVA is talking about!?! Still Remains is also ok, but way too loud!!

  4. Hey LBMANN,
    we have learned to curb our volume and even play some all acoustic shows now…we have listened to the masses! and you are right-STEEL HORSE is a great band!

    Rich-Still Remains

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