Man yelling at 3am by Lincoln Blvd

A reader named Jill writes in:

There was a man yelling loudly over and over on the boardwalk this morning (Tuesday, June 26th) at 3am by Lincoln Blvd. I heard him continually yelling the same thing over an over as he traveled down the boardwalk. It turns out my friends as far as West Market Street heard him too at 2:30am! Has anybody reported any information on this strange scenario?

Does Seabythecity give you the most bizzare stories or what? Who else heard this loudmouth at 3am. Anybody know what the deal was?

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6 thoughts on “Man yelling at 3am by Lincoln Blvd”

  1. More and more people are responding on Facebook saying that they heard this nut case too at about the same time. He was yelling like he was broadcasting big news at the top of his lungs. I was so out of it I couldn’t focus on what he was saying. I am so curious to A) know what he was saying, and B) find out why he was broadcasting his “news” all over Long Beach from east to west, and from bay to ocean. And yes, agreed about all sorts of things happening on the boardwalk, that’s for darn sure!

  2. He just got his tax bill and and full color brochure from COLB about what a great job new admin is doing at the same time and it sent him over the edge. What price patting ourselves on the back.
    Why is Fran smiling. The lawsuit check just cleared.

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