New Lamp Fixtures, Boardwalk Bulletin Boards (sort of) and a Deco-Heartbeat


Feeling the blues lately? You should. Thanks to a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, our boardwalk and streets are shining a lot bluer. Every single lamp on the boardwalk has been replaced with a more energy efficient bulb and fixture. Much of the boulevards and main strips across town were given the same treatment as well. They are called white lights, but I see blue. Either way, they’re going to save us some cash. According to the West End Beautification Association:

“The lamp in the induction light burns five times longer than the former high pressure sodium lamps. Night sky watchers will recognize that the new lamps project a white light downward, alleviating intrusive light dispersion and providing a more aesthetically appealing illumination for pedestrians and drivers. (source – West End Beautification Association Update)

The blue light is strikingly different than our traditional yellowish tint. Some people don’t like it; most don’t care or would even notice. Heck, We didn’t pay for this upgrade directly and it will save us money in the long run. No complaining here.


I did a post on Bulletin Boards back in December (Read –  Beautifying Long Beach – Community Bulletin Boards).

My reasoning was simple: We have so many great events going on in this city that nobody knows about. Plus, let’s get the out-of-towners to these events so they can spend their money here. City Manager Jack Schnirman himself told me he loved the bulletin board idea, but the city just has no funds to do it (yet). Council Councilman Mike Fagen told me the same thing.

This weekend, to my surpirse, I noticed these yellow fliers posted down our boardwalk, essentially turning every ticket booth into a makeshift bulletin board! What a great idea! Any way we can get people in Long Beach and visitors to know what’s going on around town is an obvious positive for the city and event coordinators alike. I would smack these fliers right in front of the Allegria Hotel and our LIRR station as well. Let’s get that vistor money! Our local businesses need it.


All of the Decobike kiosks have been given a minor update these past few days: Stickers with lights. WHOA, SOMEBODY BREAK OUT THE CHAMPAGNE!  July 4th the bikes are supposed to come. I won’t believe it until I see it.

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  1. Regarding the new street lighting…while I’m for efficiencies, I must say the new white/blue lights are terrible. My house is now lit up on the exterior and its extremely difficult to shade the light from entering my windows at night. any suggestions?

  2. O, I suggest curtains or those verticle things, what do you call them? They help shade windows? Right, blinds. How is it that the old and powerful omnidirectional street light did not pierce your windows but the new ones which point down, do? I Love the new cool blue downward directional lights; never knew a night sky above not hazed out by the artificial colored orange (except during blackouts) light pollution here in Long Beach. The starry night lost for decades under high powers of sodium are over! Next, let’s go after the salt in our diets…yaaa!

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