Salsa in the Plaza (Long Beach Latino Civic Association)

The Long Beach Latino Civic Association is proud to partner with the Farmers Market and Rhythmology to bring a new and exciting event to Long Beach: The Salsa in the Plaza.

This one day fiesta for all will showcase a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. There will be food tasting from several local Latino restaurants, as well as homemade dishes from our woman’s committee. The Youth group will be operating a face painting both for children. The Salsa in the Plaza will take place at Kennedy Plaza in Long Beach on Saturday July 21st from noon until 4 pm.

All are invited to come down, and all donations go to our woman’s committee, youth group, environmental research, and the Long Beach Latino Civic Association, a nonprofit organization committed to the betterment of tomorrow for all.

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  1. Cmon down and see the latest Mike Cruz extravaganza paid for by the taxpayers. Lenny won’t be there because he is working on a grant. Enjoy the music !

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