Concerning Decobikes: CAN OUR CITY HANDLE IT?? [OPINION]

A reader named XBOX just sent me this little rant. I say XBOX is right. What do you think?

Decobike has started but has not fulfilled their end of the contract concerning bike lanes as we have serious gaps in highly dangerous intersections. I question whether the city is capable of handling this bike share when there is no safety commission, nor person experienced to handle repurposing our streets for non-motorized transportation (in addition to having no head of public transport that ties in). They are playing roulette with the public.

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  1. ocean view on a weekend is dangerous enough… now we are going to add 200 bikes with 200 operators that aren’t accustomed to LB biking which is a skill in it of itself. I give it a week before a jogger gets clipped, a child gets a scare or a yapper-dog gets run over. This should be a hoot!

  2. very true… either stolen or vandalised. i can’t imagine these bikes sitting in their kiosks over nite won’t get fooled with. i can see it now…. saturday morning, every DecoBike employee running around town and filling up the tires.. all of them! haha.

    And to Nada Surf… i think they will get alot of riders on weekend. City folks that usually get off the train and stick to walking distance places will now jump on a bike and head west… BOOOOOOOOO. It’ll be a whole new world for these idiots.

  3. that should be zandaliZed.. not vandaliSed. don’t want the spelling police to miss my point and start calling me stupid for not knowing how to spell =)

  4. I mean, doesn’t everybody here already have a bike? I don’t see this adding to the congestion or the risks. I also don’t see people using these bikes…

    The rates are a little steep when you consider how you could pick a cruiser up at an LB garage sale for $50-$80.

  5. City liability if a rider gets hurt?
    Who pays to remove them if/when this venture goes bust?
    Oh well, I suppose its good that I technically live in Atlantic Beach and am shielded from all of the nonsense that goes on here.

  6. this one was one of the stupidest plans the the city has come up with yet!
    Will it bring more money into the city? Hell NO! Not at the rate we are charging these interlopers.
    Will it make a mess of our streets, Hell yes! Not only a mess but trouble and problems as if the police don’t have enough problems here in town. You are going to see theft and damage and who knows what else to these “Bikes”
    And what about the shop owners who have supported the city for ALL these years? How about the taxes they have paid and the other expenses? Do we now throw them to the wolves?
    This deal is so shot sighted that it isn’t funny. It’s a great deal for the Deco Bike company, but a very bad one for the city. And why were they allowed to disturb the landscape of our city by replacing our grass with concrete to support their racks? Do you call that beautification? I don’t think so.n We don’t need these monstrosities and we don’t want them. This is not South Beach,

  7. someone almost hurt me in the boardwalk last friday, he didn’t know how to ride a bike very well. i am not sure if it is a good idea…

  8. contact lbpd traffic division and see what they say. id bet they say the bike lanes are unhelpful.

    Most riders do not concern themselves with stop signs or the flow of traffic. bike lanes in lb only increase chance of car accidents imo

  9. And now I see a Deco Bike Truck parked on the Edwards St. Lot ALL day long.
    A new disgusting sight to add to that lot!
    Welcome to the beautified Long Beach!

  10. People from the city and get off the train just go to the center of town.. now they can bike to the West End which helps the businesses there. I never noticed any of the 3 shops in town having or really pushing rentals so don’t see this really hurting them. I buy and use Local Bike Shop for my biking needs.

  11. And so it begins.. First the Bike Racks then the Bikes, then the Truck parked on the lot by Edwards that stays there morning noon and evening, NOW theres a BIG trailer (with the Deco-Bike long on it) that parks there for who knows why. And that’s only on the Edwards lot. Who knows what else is going on elsewhere.
    This is only what I can see from my Apartment window being I live on Broadway.

    Anyone else have this E UGLY sight?

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