Reader Submitted DecoBike Photos

First we have a bunch of photos from a reader named Maureen. This first photo of DecoMan setting up a kiosk was taken Tuesday.

Second photo is on the boardwalk by Neptune/Franklin:

Next we have “Man Checking out Decobikes” (PLEASE NOTE: Graffiti on kiosk).

Next it’s “Bikes Ready to Roll”

Another angle – these are all at the Kiosk between Franklin and Neptune Blvds.

Maureen’s last photo shows a closeup of the motto “Ride By The Sea”._________________________

This next one was sent in by Jessica, who took the photo on Pacific and Shore Road this afternoon:


Last, but not least we have a bunch of photos from Nikki, who writes: “Snapped these on my way home from the LIRR today.  Kiosks are on Edwards – one at Olive and one at Walnut.”

A big thanks to the three girls who sent in the photos. Great job picking out three different kiosk stations! I don’t know how that worked out, but it did!

Hey, here is something: Did anybody actually see these bikes in use?

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