The DecoBike Contract [DOCUMENT]

The document speaks for itself: decobike.pdf. Some notable items:


The Initial term of this Agreement shall be for five (5) years, commencing on the date of “Operational Rollout”. The “Operational Rollout” date shall be defined as the earlier of: (a) the first date that access to bicycles in the program is available to the public (excluding any temporary demonstration periods) or; (b) April 1, 2012.

So the five year contract started April 1st, 2012.


 Concessionaire agrees that  any and all Equipment not permanently affixed , must be removed within twelve (12) hours from the issuance of a Hurricane Warning by the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management……….


The City agrees to provide Concessionaire with the following forms of assistance for the program:

1. Banner and link for program on City’s website;
2. Quarterly e-mail blasts to all City employees and others on City e-mail lists during the first contract year following Operational Rollout date;
3. Participation in the Federal Bicycle Commuter Act Employee Reimbursement Program, if possible,
4. In the event of a hurricane, provide a “loading area” (and, if available, a storage area) for Concessionaire to use where Concessionaire can temporarily park trailers or shipping containers to load bicycles (and/or as a point for pick up/drop off of same by Concessionaire);
5. Provide an area sufficient for Concessionaire to use in the event of a hurricane where Concessionaire can temporarily park trailers or shipping containers to store bicycles and/or as a point for pickup/drop off of same by Concessionaire.

There is so much more, but the text is hard to extract from this document and I refuse to purchase the expensive Adobe PDF application, but please view the entire PFD here: decobike.pdf

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  1. What makes it a horrible deal for us? It doesn’t affect us at all- People are using the bikes all over the boardwalk, and I’m guessing moderately in other parts of town. What’s the problem?

  2. Personally, I’d rather not see an embedded PDF, but a simply link like he’s got there. I can just open it in a new tab and read it if I want to. $0.02

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