DECOBIKE – Quick Observations and Unconfirmed Info (300 Riders on Saturday?)

I know what some of you are thinking: Not another Decobike post! Believe me, I agree 100%, but this stuff is important for the Long Beach historical archives (Just please humor me, ok?).

I had my daily boardwalk bike ride around 2pm this Sunday and tried to take notice of as much “Decobike action” as possible. Here are a few observations:

  • The most amount of Decobikers I noticed between Neptune to Grand Blvds were twelve (not including the Decogirls in the photo).
  • Passing the Franklin Blvd kiosk four times I took notice of the amount of bicycles that were there: 9, 7, 10 and 12. I chose Franklin because I figured it would be the quietest kiosk.
  • I felt absolutely no impact of the kiosks or Decobikes themselves: the kiosks with bikes were not in my way of riding on a busy beach Sunday. The decobikers all seemed to understand the concept of riding a bicycle. For some reason there is this fear that every person who rides a Decobike will not know how to ride a bicycle. I have a similar fear with automobiles. I really think all the negativity will go away once most of you get used to the fact that Decobike is here and won’t interfere with your lives at all.
  • The bells on the bikes will be annoying for residents who live near the kiosks. I saw a bunch of kids just ringing the bells over and over. Yeah, that would drive me nuts. (Video Link)


I was told by a Decobike spokesperson that they had roughly 300 riders (unconfirmed) on Saturday, June 30th. He said they were pleased with that number, considering it was the first Saturday with the bicycles. He didn’t give me a number for what they’re hoping, but said it looks promising. If you took the cheapest price point of $4 (for 30 min), that would mean Deco took in a minimum of $1200 in revenue during its first Saturday of operation.

The Decobike mobile app is currently Miami-only. When asked about that, the spokesperson told me Long Beach support will be coming soon. It won’t be a separate app, so if you downloaded the Miami one already, expect an update eventually, hopefully with retina-graphics for those with newer iphones. The app is actually pretty useful because it shows you the exact numbers of bikes at every kiosk (see picture of Miami example). The DecoMan said something about how they are switching the stations from cell to wifi – that’s when the app will be updated. I think he got cell and wifi confused… methinks it should be the other way around. Either way, he said he was from Miami, so maybe he knows something…. haha

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  1. Thanks. When I asked the guy, I specifically said iPhone, so I guess I assumed all apps when writing this article. However, I just downloaded the ipad app and the map needs to be updated. Not all the kiosks on that map exist in real life. Thanks for that info though. I am guessing the iphone app will have a similar look and maps on both will be updated accordingly.

  2. The headlights are way too bright on the bikes… Also saw a trailer with 3 deco bikes on Broadway. Not sure if they were additional bikes, or do they move them around town as needed?

  3. saw a couple of guys on the bikes drive down to and walk into Blue Point. No way the restaurant/bar gets that business were it not for the Deco kiosk set up there.

  4. Just some numbers to think about:-

    DecoBike projected $5,000,000.00 in sales for the first year.
    At $4.00 for 30 mins that means 1,250,000 bike rentals.
    with 400 bikes in LB, that of course means that each bike will be rented 3,125 times.
    so each bike rents 3,125 times @ 30 mins each = 93,750 minutes for each bike,
    93,750 minutes divided by 60 minutes in an hour = 1562.50 hours.
    1562.50 hours divided by 24 hours in a day = 65.1 days.

    That means that all 400 bikes will have to be in constant 24 hour a day use for 65.1 days for Deco Bike to make their projected sales targets, bearing in mind that our “summer” is Memorial Day to Labor Day (100 days approx) – Can anyone see that happening?

    Now I have not taken monthly bike subscription sales into account, as they only serve to take bikes out of circulation at a lower per use revenue point, thus reducing the potential rental revenue of each bike.

  5. The neurotic nimbyism that this site encourages and gives voice to is starting become a little ridiculous. OH GOD BIKE ARMAGEDDON! Long Beach is DOOMED!.

    No one with an actual life to lead is the least bit worried about the slight uptick in bike users that this business is going to create during the summer.

  6. Its also nice if you happened to leave your bike at home and decided that you wanted go for a quick ride.

    But hey, lets spend more of our lives worrying about non-issues like bicycle light intensity, instead of important things like taxes going up 17%..

  7. Will, I am actually Pro-Decobikes and anti-nimby. So, I don’t encourage the negative comments. It’s just how some people feel. There are a lot of people who like decobikes as well.

  8. Plenty of articles over at Newsday, AOL-owned LB Patch or the LB Herald on Taxes. This is a blog that reports on alternative news. We don’t get paid for doing this, so if you don’t like the content, just skip the articles.

  9. Wow- $5 million in sales? Really? That seems pretty high, and you’re numbers aren’t even considering the months that won’t be active. But, like you said, you didn’t factor in the more expensive rentals. But still, 5 million seems like a lot. And if that’s what they’re making- I’m starting a bike business.

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