Who’s the Idiot Deflating the Decobike Tires? [Opinion]

During my morning bike ride I noticed something about the dozen or so Decobikes at the Grand Blvd/boardwalk kiosk: many of them had flat tires. Ok, so I get it. Not everybody likes Decobikes. That’s fine, but is this the message we want to send to a company trying to do business here in Long Beach? Love Decobikes or hate them, the City of Long Beach are the ones that allowed them to operate here. If you have a problem, tell City Hall. Just don’t mess with private property.

Chances are, it was just a bunch of stupid kids trying to impress each other. If you want to be funny then do something a little bit more clever. For example: take a sponge bath with a decobike and post the photos on.. say seabythecity. That would be hilarious. Plus the bike would be shiny clean – no harm done.

Anyway, don’t mess with the bikes. It’s just plain stupid. (Yeah, I sound like the dad from the Brady Bunch).


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  1. They need a lot more than 20 rentals to make any kind of profit and we only get 10%. I was up on the BW too and I saw hundreds of bikers using their own bikes.

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