Concerning the Boardwalk: Are we being overrun by out-of-town thugs or something? [Reader Question]

From Concerned Citizen:

Hey guys – I have been hearing alot of chatter about a greatly “deteriorated situation” on the boardwalk after 9PM. I live on the West End and don’t get down that way at night, so not sure what the fuss is about. Are we being overrun by out-of-town thugs or something? Is this all hyperbole or is it really dangerous down there (and if so, who is causing the danger)? thanks

I can’t really answer the question, but maybe a few of you can shed some light to this. Is our boardwalk really being overrun by a bunch of out-of-town thugs?

I do know one thing: I am proud Long Beach is nothing like Seaside Heights, Jersey Shore (no offense) with thugs galore, but we need to make sure it doesn’t become that way. Remember the boardwalk beatings from last year?


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  1. I’ve rode my bike on the boardwalk many a night at midnight, 1am, and have never felt threatened. There’s pockets of youngsters, and they’ll watch, but I don’t think they’re causing trouble. There’s usually a police car driving slowly back and forth on the boardwalk. And I’ve seen them driving on the beach too to kick off stragglers taking advantage of the dark.

  2. I’m never on the boardwalk that late. The latest is probably 10/11pm and I never see anything crazy… but I do hear rumors about late night. Glad to hear the cops are patrolling.

  3. I have also walked and biked on the boardwalk late, late night and have never felt threatened.

    I’d say the real problem on the boardwalk is coming from the white people who can’t handle seeing more than 2 non-whites in a group without thinking they’re a gang.

    Replace the colors of the midnight boardwalk posse to white and the “problem” will be solved.

  4. I think the real problem with the boardwalk is the nasty gang

    of splinters and popping nails that ruin my bike ride. FIX THE BOARDWALK !!!

  5. Am I the only person in the City of Long Beach who is indifferent to the state of the boardwalk? Seriously, if it were all shiny new I, and others, would be speeding down in like an asshole.
    When not biking I would pull out my rollerskates and ipod, disco-skating 2.2 miles and probably hitting into a few people on my way down and back as I flail my arms around when I skate. It’s not that that’s visually unappealing, it’s that I’ll be singing along and honestly, you don’t want to listen to the shit on my ipod. And then there’s the skateboards.

    The way it is now it’s like speedbumps and I’m ok with that. It’s kind of like my street that’s all knarled up but somewhat slows down people. The boardwalk should be a slow experience, not high speed and I do believe that could potentially happen with a new one.

    And then everyone’ll be arguing to install stop signs and speed bumps and cops with radar lazer beams.

    Maybe I’m over-smoothing the surface of a new boardwalk in my head. *shrug*

    If I need to move faster, I use a street lane and not the leisurely boardwalk.

  6. there are two rival gangs: the Splinters and the Nails. They are always there. Do not get in the middle when they are having a dispute.

  7. My husband went for a run on Monday night, and I was a bit worried, after all that I’ve read. Well, he came home a bit battered and bruised. He tripped on a board that wasn’t quite nailed down and took a nasty spill. As for crowd control, he told me there was a concert just ending and the boardwalk was full of people, and he even saw a patrol car. Looks like the biggest hazard is the state of the boardwalk.

  8. im often riding my bike home from the bars after midnight and see no trouble. there are a lot of kids and groups out some nights but besides from walking in the bike lane and my fear of hitting them. i feel safe.

  9. People need to open their eyes and realize just how close this area is to Far Rockaway.

    There’s also been a noticeable demographic shift in terms of who has been seen wandering around Oceanside during the day over the last year and a half.

  10. If people from that area start coming into Long Beach and causing trouble, it presents a real public safety problem that LBPD can’t afford to not take seriously.

  11. No, because you imply that they are of the same gang, when in fact they are rival gangs, which plays better into the “trouble on boardwalk / gangs of thugs” imagery as depicted in this article.

    My post is therefore different, more original, and funnier.

  12. No, because you imply that they are of the same gang, when in fact they are rival gangs, which plays better into the “trouble on boardwalk / gangs of thugs” imagery as depicted in this article.

    My post is therefore different, more original, and funnier.

  13. There was a huge commotion Monday night just after midnight — 4 police cars w/ sirens screaming — and 2 dune buggies screeching up and down the boardwalk and Shore Road between Monroe & Long Beach Road. From what I gathered they were chasing someone who was running on foot and maybe trying to hide under the boardwalk. Anyone have any more details?

  14. I have to agree, there is a major shift going on and everyone who isn’t riddled with self-guilt should notice. I left volleyball a couple of Thursdays ago around 9 and it didn’t even resemble this town. I saw two fights (separate incidents) and a ton of people who simply didn’t give a s…no one was moving for runners or bikers, just loitering and wandering.

    I’ve been looking for homes to purchase and what has been going on is making me seriously reconsider living anywhere mid town. Do we not remember the stories from the spring time about the muggings and “youths”?

    Anyway, countdown to accusations of racism. Enjoy. xoxo

  15. I thought the Monday night incident was earlier or maybe there were two. The earlier one seemed to have been a stolen car, which rammed the boardwalk facing on Monroe and then was abandoned (Which is why I assume it was stolen.) The driver disappeared like magic. The police were back and forth for quite a while, then they towed the car. I lost track after that.

    There was also an incident on the boardwalk just west of Monroe after the fireworks, which appeared to be 2 young men who got into a fist fight and a host of other young people egging them on. ELEVEN police cars! Really! It was a fist fight not armed warefare. It was a shame, because I had just mentioned to a neighbor how well the traffic had been handled this year. There were a minimum of cars parked all over and people walked away in a good mood.

  16. Well, lets see a fatal shooting 10 minutes away in another formerly quiet South Shore town.

    It looks like the thugs are running rampant all over the South Shore this summer.

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